Essential Beauty Products for Summer

We used to do the change of cabinet season, but we never thought of doing it even when they concern for the beauty products?
A detail not to be overlooked, because the vanity case needs to be changed frequently must be replaced richer texture winter and creamy, with gels, or serums and mousses as moisturizers, but more soft and fresh indicated for the hot season because it encumbers less the skin, non-sticky and do not clog the pores by increasing perspiration, thus avoiding the so hated oily shiny effect and that usually creates on mixed-oily skin.

Let’s see what are the right products to use during the summer to get that perfect skin:

Make-up remover

For perfect skin is essential always remove make-up, every night before going to sleep, because this way we maintain the skin purified and we prevent the occurrence of pimples, blacks spots, enlarged pores and blemishes.

– Dermasensitive Micellar Water Replenishing
Water micellar regenerating DERMASENSITIVE + thanks to its gentle formula cleanses, moisturizes and removes the face eyes and lips. The complex based on Seaweed and oil Milk Thistle, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, associated Acai Oil, leaves the skin clean, hydrated and regenerated. Also ideal for the most delicate and sensitive skin.

– Collistar water micellar cleanser: a magic product that, thanks to its unique micellar formulation, in one quick gesture cleanses and removes makeup perfectly face, eyes and lips, in more tones, moisturizes, gives immediate well-being and plays a targeted elimination of toxins leaving the ‘skin pure, fresh and bright, is at the end of the day for cleansing the face to wake up.

– Bioderma Sensibio H2O: formulated for sensitive and intolerant skin, cleanses with the utmost delicacy face and eyes, removes makeup water resistant, allowing a perfect micro-emulsify impurities while respecting the physiological balance of the skin.


The name says it all “clean”, the best solution for thorough cleaning of the face with all the delicacy of which the skin needs, unlike traditional soaps that often leave it dry and irritated longer. In the market there are several cosmetic products in the form of mousses and gels, which can leave the skin perfectly cleansed, hydrated and radiant.

– Vichy Normaderm Cleansing mousse matte effect: soap-free, paraben and alcohol, this matte effect mousse formula with salicylic acid, leaves the skin deeply cleansed from impurities and excess sebum, matt and soft to the touch.

– Biotherm Purefect skin cleansing gel: the incredible power of a transparent gel and a gentle foam for an immediate feeling of freshness without drying the skin.

– Avène thermal water spray: it is essential treatment for all sensitive skins, for a feeling of delicacy that will envelop the skin with each splash.

Sera Beauty

Serums are born from technological innovation, make the penetration of active ingredients easier and strengthen the work of the creams on our face or body. There are infinitely many sera indicated against stains and redness, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and purifying properties, all natural base with the addition of plant extracts.

– Serum Lierac Hydra Chrono: super moisturizing, this oil-free serum, from fresh and soft texture rose, absorbs quickly for a skin immediately softer and smoother.

– Lancôme Absolue Oleo-Serum Regenerative: meticulously selected for its properties, this essential oil-based Citrus and Camelia, helps strengthen the oily-skin structure and optimize the regenerative potential of the skin tissues. For a more comfortable leather, supple and plumped.

Creams facial gel

There are gel-free active alcohol which, through a much more fluid consistency than traditional creams, can nourish and hydrate much more than a traditional moisturizer.

– Collistar Hydro-Cream Gel: this soft treatment as a cream, mild and cool as a gel, combines the moisturizing effectiveness of innovative water liposomes targeted to sebum balancing and purifying action of an effective asset pools that help to normalize the ‘sebaceous gland activity and ensure the smoothness face, silkiness and a matte finish that lasts all day. It also contains multi-reflecting microparticles that give uniformity to the complexion and light, it is also perfect as a base for makeup.

– Nature’s cream mattifying gel: non-greasy and easily absorbed, it helps normalize excess sebum, smoothes and softens shiny areas, minimizes skin imperfections, thanks to the single-cell water content of green mandarin to refreshing and astringent action and kelp extract, laminaria purifying and soothing.

– Lierac Hydragenist cream: concentrated to 7% in the complex Hydra O2, this enveloping cream apricot butter gives the skin nourishment, brightness and an intense and long-lasting comfort.

BB cream

It is not only a requirement of textures, the BB cream offer in a single product hydration, uniformity and color, replace the foundation and also lighten the more full-bodied beauty-case, offering a practical “all in one.”

– Estee Lauder BB cream: all in one go, hydration, protection and flawless perfection, this cream gives a uniform appearance to the complexion, protects the skin due to the complex super anti-oxidant and SPF 35, it also helps control the excessive oiliness on the skin surface.

– Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream SPF30:  a BB cream that combines a natural makeup effect and exceptional treatment benefits, provides daily hydration and protection from UV rays, reduces the visibility of imperfections such as pores and uneven skin tone. Formulated without oils, it has a pleasant, light texture.

thermal waters

You can try out formulas that contain active ingredients soothing and restorative, especially if the day is spent outdoors and the epidermis asks to be quenched. During the exposure it is good to help the skin moisturizing and soothing thermal spraying water on his face, neck and breast, the more delicate parts and at risk sunburn.

– Avène thermal water: soothing by nature is essential treatment for all sensitive skin that gives an immediate feeling of freshness and delicacy.

– Water rose to the body spray: the original scent of water to the roses acting emotionally, instills harmony, serenity and security.

– La Roche-Posay thermal spring water: anti-oxidant and anti-irritation, soothes and protects the skin.

face masks

Look for products that contain active ingredients, the texture you prefer and most comfortable for your skin type, as a beautiful face mask refreshing and nutritious.

– Galénic face mask: soft and delicate, the extreme comfort mask with Argan oil, enriched with vitamin E antioxidant, soothes and nourishes the skin for immediate comfort.

– Olos Vida Loca anti-fatigue cream-mask: a product 2 in 1 from the rich texture for a boost of energy, reduces signs of fatigue on the face, thanks to the extracts of sunflower oil, African tulip, lux Complex and vitamins C and and, encapsulated for illuminating action, anti-oxidant and energizing.

Body cream

The body skin needs constant hydration, especially in summer. That’s why we can never give up on a soft and fragrant body cream, perhaps in a lighter texture and fresh.

– Nature’s mousse body emulsion with a rich creamy texture, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it velvety to the touch. The frangipani flowers, rich in flavonoids and essential oils, favor a calming effect on the skin, the raspberry extract, rich in vitamin C, polyphenols and essential oils for a refreshing and soothing effect, while the oil extract organic sunflower is known for its emollient and nourishing. It helps the skin to regain its natural balance, restoring softness and elasticity.

– Vichy body balm Ideal body: with hyaluronic acid and LHA, associated with 10 essential oils, help to firm, smooth, brighten and hydrate the skin of the body.

– Omia dermo gel eco bio: it is a soothing treatment with aloe barbadensis miller from certified organic agriculture. The formula without fragrance is delicately scented by the aloe vera gel itself.


It ‘important to choose one that fits your skin type, even if you have an olive complexion, to schermarla from harmful rays of the sun.

– Rilastil Sun sistem SPF30: emulsion spray with a light texture and easily absorbed, provides a broad spectrum protection from UVA-UVB radiation, prevents the onset of burns and sunburn, skin beauty also protects against premature cell aging, also it moisturizes, soothes and prevents redness and gives the golden and even tan skin.

– Lancaster refreshing gel cream: a new formulation that combines UVA / UVB filters to the new infrared technology to protect even more the skin from damage caused by sun exposure. This fresh cream-gel ensures a beautiful golden tan, while preserving the tone and elasticity of the skin.

– RoC Soleil protect moisturizing lotion spray SPF30: enriched with glycerin, this lotion ensures optimal sun protection and improves the youthful appearance of the skin, also contains Feverfew, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals caused by environmental aggressions. Its velvety texture and non-greasy quickly absorbed, leaving no white residue.

After sun creams

After exposure to the sun it is essential to apply the right after-sun creams, to prolong the tan, soothe and rehydrate the skin. In the market there are many creams and after-sun gel, with natural extracts and the effect super refreshing.

– Collistar after sun body in the shower: ultra-fast, convenient, efficient, a real rejuvenating treatment that in a few moments moisturizes leaving the skin soft and supple, reduces redness and warm feeling, gives freshness and well-being and, used daily, fixed and also prolongs the tan after returning to the city.

– Hawaiian Tropic Silk hydration after sun: pampers and nourishes the skin after a sunny day, with aloe vera and fragrant scent of coconut and papaya, it helps preserve your tan.

– Eucerin Allergy Protection After Sun Gel: highly effective for stressed skin from the sun, this cream-gel soothes, refreshes and regenerates the skin prone to sun allergies.