Emporio Armani, Fall-Winter Milan Fashion Week

Personally, the twin sister and more desenfadad Armani, Emporio Armani, I think that this year has come from all sides, sides, has given a couple of turns of campaign leaving all onlookers open-mouthed and dropped foot. Not only is a colorful collection, but it also can be combined up to say enough, touching each and every one of the sticks that we can imagine and versatility of materials, designs, cuts and shapes that could well serve to sum up the essence of what lies ahead next season.

But let’s let us talk and Let’s take a look at the photos, be sure that you understand better what I mean with that.

The important part of this collection, from my point of view, the amount of records that includes. It is not divided into a, not two or three different parts, they can be used up to 5 different dress styles: total black, total white, sport style, jackets and high portes, carefree and youthful. We have everything that you want at Dentistrymyth.

The General tonic in the sport styles they are the use of very bright colors and showy in all designs: yellow, blue and orange electric in blacks and whites to make them stand out even more in the set.

We usually find apparel with enough clearance to meet the convenience of the user that you it’s winter sports clothing…

…but we also find other than they conform more to the body, with sinuous shapes that tend to shape figure, and acrylics and synthetic materials as thermal, primary colors and with motives and worthy of praise for your finished prints.

We have sweatshirts, t-shirts and pants that they do not resemble anything to the rest of the collection and what’s coming even though the comfort seems to have been the general pattern used in the collection.

Add-ins are mainly scarves, sunglasses and hats to the snow, of course they intend not to clash with the whole and therefore also bring their bizarre chromatic touch.

You turn them to the total’s style: the black and white, but in their less classic versions (remember that in Giorgio Armani we also find them but more sober and elegant). Pants tight, straight, shirts and jerseys of the same and identical tone. The discordant note remains in the hands of the Add-ins, It can be black.

Either we can do one mixture of both, with white pants and black jackets.

Milder forms in the casual looks, with open and asymmetrical cuts, wide necks and open jackets, ideal for carrying and combine with t-shirts or shirts of the same type. Open the returned low shots pants (Yes, it has become fashionable).

Reminiscences of past in the looks more cheerful and eclectic collections: quilts and synthetic materials imitating the neoprene that, occasionally, it is neoprene. Soft textures to touch and sight in beige, blue, gray and white, to Jell between them fearlessly and with great results.

We found it in jackets & pullovers…

… or even in pants, very winter patterns that resemble the fabric of camouflage military for operations in high mountain.

Finally the costumes, in its versions more modern, sophisticated and funky. In light colors: blue, gray, ash colors, with double button, adjusted to the body, are proposed to take into account.

A collection which, to my taste, can be wholeheartedly the mention of signal collection of all the runways of the fashion week in Milan. I have loved.

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