Elegance Relaxed at Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2012

If a few days ago you talked about the campaign of Giorgio Armani, designer itailiano header signature, today in the same way we are eco of the of Emporio Armani. And is that we could not let pass up this the second and very young character line of the well-known designer, because as you can see in the images, the outfits are worth be commented.

Relaxed elegance in a campaign that shows looks much more casual, but that likewise are built with parts of tailoring – in an unconventional tailoring – mixed with other more informal.

In this way the clips of loose cut trousers, subtly high shooting y long fisheries -one-piece star collection – is combined with more causal items like pictures, v-neck cotton t-shirts shirts with tye dye effect, in the same vein as the cardigans in tonal gradient.

Garments foreign as gabardine without belt, and accessories such as oversize bags or the Ultra-fine skin belts Rounding out the proposal, which fits with suede booties or shoes laces but which are always without sock, in a nod of summer more.

The Belgian model Florian Van Bael This Bohemian campaign puts face with photos black and white signature Alasdair McLellan. I was delighted, simple but charming (forgive the redundancy) and you?