Dutch Football Teams in Champions League

It is often thought back and look back to the years when Dutch clubs have played an important role in European football. Unfortunately, it is now much worse with the Dutch clubs at European level. What causes this?

The success of the Dutch clubs

Many years ago the Dutch clubs was very successful in Europe. Especially when Ajax made himself very familiar, since they got one right after the other good results in the European context. The great example is, of course, is that during the period 1965-1973 to three consecutive CHAMPIONSHIPS, the precursor to the CL won. These times seem to currently never repeated by a Dutch Club. Today, the Dutch clubs have been very difficult to move on in a European context.

Dutch clubs in the last 20 years

Yesterday, many people before the game Ajax-Olympique Marseille by the presence of Adré Rieu recalls probably the Ajax match in the semifinals of the Champions Leaque against Bayern Munich which was spectacular. That year, 1995, Ajax won the Champions Leaque by defeating AC Milan in the final. After this year, there was also a very important season for the Dutch football. This was in 2004/2005, which reached the semifinals of the Champions Leaque PSV and AZ penetrated to the last four teams in the UEFA Cup. But in recent years it has been a long road back.

The League currently

This season, it is true that the Dutch League is not the top-three, Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord, are broke.AJAX is currently in third place, PSV on fifth place to find and Feyenoord has to do with a twelfth place. There is so much in the Netherlands is changing. AZ do good this year and seems to be heading for the Championship. In addition, it is noteworthy that the County clubs such as FC Twente, Heerenveen and Groningen is in the ascendant. They make the “Top 3” hard in the League. Clubs achieve this primarily through good scouting, where “top 30” rather deficiency appears to shoot. Perhaps this is partly the reason for the change in position of the League.

Dutch clubs in Europe today

Now the clubs are already up and running again is also clear that the difference between the Dutch clubs and clubs from other European countries are increasingly beginning to be. So the Dutch clubs don’t seem to match such as English and Spanish clubs.
Partly the reason is the difference between the economy. Foreign clubs will be rewarded with more money by including television rights. As a result, actually follows a cycle. The higher income levels because higher wages will be paid, which may be lured again more good players. By being able to attract good players this can be achieved better results in Europe again, making the income of the Club will increase again. This goes on, making foreign clubs at the huge difference in income can play a much bigger role than the Dutch clubs. Actually, we can in the years to come, don’t expect much from the Dutch clubs. If a Dutch Club is the way we see this as a windfall.