Duel of Styles in Street Looks

The Duel of styles in street looks last week it went to for Blake Lively, Jessica Biel returns to stay in second place with one of her best looks, but the Gossip Girl actress is untreatable. In this new release we have three famous candidates that are released while Anna Paquin repeats with the intention of tracing his last post at his first appearance.

The competition returns to maintain a level but this time there is no celebritie that stand out from the rest in a striking way, all look Street looks very comfortable and wearable, something to keep in mind to get ideas for our own style.

We started with Eva Mendes showing us a perfect look of Demi-season, for the days that will be coming soon with the Earth in the skirt color saying goodbye to winter and spring greeting. A very long and wide skirt that combines with a basic white top and a pair of grey sandals. I love his glasses retro.

I pointed to the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Zara and her monjiles looks.

Although you have said in this installment no famous you go ahead, for me if there is one that entry wins. Claudia Schiffer us again to give good example of his estilazo in the looks of street where achieves a perfect combinations without major complications. This winter has not left the scarves any day and this time a pretty knotted neckerchief manages to give the whole a plus of style that the combination jersey and polka dots blouse tops. And the pants, to anticipate the fashion campaign.

In Mango We have a perfect tissue for the Spring-summer 2011 that I love. If we seek a look colorful here we have the ideal complement.

Anna Paquin commitment option black and white on his return to the section with a look that insurance which improves on the previous (a little). I love the striped cardigan and the simplicity of the proposal, which would save us any quotation or compromise on the agenda.

Again in Mango, We have this cardigan from sales right now.

The fourth and last to be added to the list of famous is the name of Kyle Minogue who opts for a total black look where the rigid form of a mixed leather jacket Black with French manga with a short top-dress slack. A good idea for those who like both black.

A leather jacket similar can be found in TopShop. Visit Biotionary.com for more.

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