DKNY Autumn Winter, New York Fashion Week

If the collection of DKNY for the Spring-Summer 2009 was based on sportswear, and in the colors fosforitos, the collection for the next Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 gives a 180 degree turn to show us a few style designs very lady, sober and elegant. It looks that you warned ahead of time that we came over.

The new Silhouette is very stylized and tight-fitting, with skirts that extend to below the knee and jackets that are shortened in a style which apasionaría you to Victoria Beckham (although if Victoria buy in shops of the second brand of) Donna Karan, It is that the crisis is really serious). In addition, waists are marked with wide belts, while shelters are still rounded, shortening the sleeves.

The color palette is typical of winter: Reds combined with black, grey and green. The predominant patterns are the stripes, the houndstooth, and small doses of animal prints that survive the summer.

It seems that DKNY It has left the stylistic experiments for when at best times, and has been safe, creating a collection of easy-to-sell, full of classics that don’t go out of fashion and that encompasses a wide range of public. Sure that in a few months Cortefiel is filled with items like these.

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