DIY Decoration-Wall of Pictures!

Create a frame wall can be a way to add a touch more in your decoration, ends up being super creative and full of personality. Not to mention that is super trendy to have a wall of frames for your call–they decorate any room and transform energy, especially if it’s done with inspirational phrases or images that represent your essence, you know?! Why you’ll never find a wall of frames just like the your home, simply be inspired and take a look at this step by step with great care by teaching how to make a wall of paintings well.

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I chose the theme of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle to provide inspiration for my day-to-day work here on the blog; I made my own posters and print at home. Of course you can get images ready and a good source of research is the Pinterest-there you will find cool quotes and sure enough, several options that have your man! A good tip in time to hang the frames is measure 1, 60 m and the center of the frame should be–then the other tricks you can see in the video below! Give the play and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel !!

Ready to make a wall of frames?

Photos/Video: Frisson

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