Digital Infrared Camera 36 Leds 700 High Resolution Lines

Personal speaking, welcome to Club CCTV, prepared this video to talk with you on camera, I guess it’s example of other videos, has been for some announcement, this video I’m going to show you, the camera you’re in that ad, I’m going to talk a little bit about her, it’s another unboxing, in a different way, I will not only show how just the product and such I’m going to talk a little bit about his functions , to help you decide to buy our logical product, the product that I’m going to show you, is that here, well, that’s the camera, is a camera that super cool little model here that we’re announcing is a model, which has a digital image sensor, is a super cool, this is a camera that has no problem with colors , I’m going to talk about a deal here, a lot of people will relate, has cameras that you care, that red is pink, the black is blue, blue turns purple, she has a little problem with colors OK?

Here has some image sensors in that have this problem, and this model here does not have this problem, is model that has a digital sensor, on the contrary, he brings out the colors, I’ll link it here for you to see, you will see that she is show the ball, that camera here, she has a 3.6-millimeter lens, is a very nice lens for you that don’t know much about lens, it works like this, the smaller lenses, image more angled, more open, as will increasing 3.6, 4, 6, 8 12, the image will be approaching, but she’s closing, and for some cases is good, and for other cases is bad, so this one has a 3.6 lens, is the most used lens in CCTV because she has a nice opening, but she doesn’t open to the point of distorting the image, but not too close to the point where you lose the image, it is legal for you to put under confinement, garage, residence, is the most widely used, is the camera lens aperture used, are 36 leds, you’ll be able to see up to 35 metres, generally each led is a meter right , so a 25 metres, has 24, 26, 30, 35, and so on, that camera here, is 36, so we work 30 to 35 for you to see, then that’s it.

I’ll show here for you as she is, she comes in a nice box, embaladinha, comes a support to you fix it, it’s a bracket that has a double articulation. There are models of camera, which she or just move like that, I think you will understand better, and you can’t do that, or she just go like this and you can’t do that, then you want to flip an image like this, diagonal, you can’t. So for him to have this double articulation makes it easier for you to position, is the butterfly sisteminha here, then you don’t need to screw to move suddenly, someone installed this for you and you want to reposition, just go up there and take a little twist, you can do it.

It also comes a manualzinho in Portuguese, he talks of technical features, instructions on how to preserve, positioning, to increase the life of your product, okay? is cool. And the camera, come embaladinha so, this camera here, she has aluminum finish, is a high-strength finish, has a little hat mobile, you can adjust the hat according to the Sun, depending on the position you put there, you’re going to need adjustment, is a HD camera, high strength, excellent images, ta, led white cute, she is fenced You can put it at the time, the only tip I give, is the following: If you are placing this direct camera taking Sun and rain, and she stays in that position the water can knock and enter here o so, passes a silicone, those that you pass in the sink, those which cost real 5 a bisnaguinha, passes a little silicone, just to avoid the water in here. you will extend the life of your product, not going in the water, because water is complicated, sometimes you don’t have a lot to do conexãozinha BNC P4, standard, is a very good camera, I recommend, nominate, because the cost benefit of it is excellent, you’ll have little money, to have a very good product, coupled with a good DVR , the result is excellent, because you’ll have a great capture with the camera, and will have a great recording, access right, is a Union of situations, is camera, DVR, internet, mobile, the Union of all this, you a very good final product.

In our channel has other videos also speaking, we have DVR also ads of other products, if you want to learn more about our work, you can buy our other products, I’m going to call here, for you take a look for you see how it works. O here is super simple to call, has a BNC P4 I left there you go here, it’s just you connect here, and then the image of your camera, it is a nice image, as I said, she is very faithful to the colors, do not twist, which is purple, purple, my screen is small but I think you’re getting to see cool there.

And that’s it, I hope I have been enlightening, regarding the functions of this product, I showed to you for is legal to purchase it right, it’s nice to put in your House, if you want to register an internal or external environment, it’ll work well with natural or artificial lighting, day or night, in your company, is a really cool product. So that’s it, I hope I have helped you decide, I hope you buy our product, any questions that you have, you can ask, we will answer, we have on line support, email, phone, and that’s personal, thank you and until the next video.