Different Types of Flooring Materials

When you select a new floor, many people go for a wooden floor. Namely, it has a warm atmosphere and it gives a natural feeling. What does a wood floor anyway? There are many different types of wood for you to choose from. You should not only look at how it looks, but also the characteristics must be taken into account. Some materials are in fact less suitable for the kitchen, for example. It is about two types of wood flooring, parquet and floorboards. There are large price differences in the various types and qualities. Nowadays more and more like the floors on the market that are less expensive. In particular, the laminate floor offers many advantages over other types of floor coverings. Years ago, it was popular carpet, but it is now no longer sold.

What is parquet?

The name is used for parquet floors where the top layer of wood, and of at least 2.5 m thick. The parquet is built up from different layers and is available in different forms. This type of flooring is very durable and have a long service life. It also has a strong insulating function to reduce noise and it allows you to keep the cold floor better outside.

Types of flooring?

The Prosecutor’s Office under a past in two types, namely, parquet and veneer flooring. The parquet has a top layer of 4 to 6 mm thick and is glued to a surface of various types of plywood. Veneer flooring is composed in the same way, but the top layer is about 2 millimeters thick.

What is laminate?

Laminates are pressed sheet material that has a durable layer on top. The abrasion resistant layer is always made of plastic. Laminate is available in many colors and patterns. According to the abrasion resistant coating layer is placed an image so that it can appear in any desired way. For high-traffic areas in your home, it is advisable to choose laminate of a better quality.

Floors of solid wood

Popularly known as hardwood floors. These floors are particularly popular due to its rugged appearance.The floors are not nice uniform and contain knots and other defects, so that the floor looks old.Nowadays, with parquet and laminate floors that mimic, but the real work still wooden floorboards.

What does a parquet floor?

Parquet flooring is available in many grades, types and colors. Prices vary widely. A flooring cost between?? 12 and?? 75 per m2.

What does a wood floor?

Also for the wooden floors, the prices vary widely. The least expensive wood flooring you buy already?? 19.95 per m2, but it is a very low price. A typical price is between?? 35 and?? 75 per m2.

What does a laminate floor?

Laminate flooring has become so good that they can hardly be distinguished from wood floors. However, the quality of the laminate is better and there is also less cumbersome to maintain and it is easier to add. Another big advantage is price is between?? 15 and?? 35.
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