Diesel in the Spring-Summer New York Week

From poets Libertines of the 19th century and the rebellious punk from the 70s to today’s rockers in day, all serve as inspiration for the second collection of Diesel Black Gold. A spectacular collection inspired by the story as if the clothes had been passed from generation to generation and had been incorporating features of each decade, but without ever losing the essence of the past. So is the collection presented by Diesel in the Spring-Summer 2009 New York week.

A collection delicate but extreme, sophisticated but, at the same time, relaxed. This contradictory style translates into the recreation of the Classic denim, as garments of motera inspiration, ultra sophisticated materials such as the point, Poplin, muslin, cotton and leather. The masculine wardrobe garments are reviewed, reinterpreted and transformed into basic female.

Similarly, dresses and tops permeate this idealistic style with embroidery and decoration made with organic motifs of surreal character. All of them are spectacular, is what I like about the collection.

Special emphasis in the lightness of the materials has been. Thus, the airy fabric own garments sleep turns into trousers, shirts and even dresses through thefreegeography.com; and if not look how wonderful long in shades of white and black design.

The silhouettes are also pure contrast: tight tops combined with Equestrian style of cutting balloon pants, details oversize jackets combined with Skinny denim and pants low shot and bare hem, which add freshness to a style already on its modern and casual. And is that the jeans Diesel are the finest. Feel great, as well as being very comfortable. The sophisticated treatment of the tissue that allows effects of worn and washed gradual with games of shadows is the very best of the Cowboys ringtones.

As fashion accessories, the sashes, used as a belt, they add the dandy touch to the collection; the zips become a metaphor for the medals; and obsolete uniforms serve as inspiration for casual hats and tight-fitting jackets of equestrian style. As for colors, cream tones, black and grey are the more caracterisitcos.

Finally, this year He made his debut the Diesel Black Gold accessory collection. Same in the denim, applied innovative treatments to the materials used in footwear, such as Python skin and leather. The heels to make more slender female legs and the XXL bags, in soft materials and oversize, they are perfect for the Bohemian lifestyle that proposes Diesel Black Gold SS 09.

Do not you think spectacular?