Did They Label the Men of the Year?

This week has been really active in Madrid. No, has not given me time to go this party, but had not imported nothing. What I want is to ask a question. The awards have been delivered Men of the year 2009, and some were strict label, more or less and others the customizaban in their own way.

I don’t want to talk about them, I’m going to focus on you, boys embelezzios, true professional style and with a very professional approach. There were winners of all categories, styles and ages, and even then we will review the list of the winners, go with style.

Andrés Velencoso, multi-employee and model in a suit with satin details. Correct. Juan Jose Guemes, the Minister of health of the community of Madrid and one of the pretty faces of the PP, or that say by Madrid. It came out of work… I didn’t.

Miguel Bosé, more than perfect. Perhaps the most veteran, but still have Elf. Jordi Mollà, He arrived with a jacket type Hugh Hefner, too daring to wear the correct label. Juan Diego in the purest style casual, without tie or bowtie and very happy.

Martin Rivas He wore a jacket with zipper, out of place. Javier Cámara, perfect as in Goya. Alejandro Amenábar, true to his style, without clash and one of the men of the year. There were actors who opted for the cummerbund, a great touch.

What do you think of these men of the year? By the way, the award-winning:

Man of the year United: Paco Arango.
Man of the year by Chivas: Joaquín Torres man of the year for Best Director: Alejandro Amenábar Hombre of the year best actor: Juan Diego Hombre of the year to the best revelation Director: Borja Cobeaga Hombre of the year to the best revelation Actor: Jesus Olmedo man of the year the best musician: Miguel Bose man of the year to best Communicator: is for the newspaper ABC.
Man of the year the best entrepreneur: Josep Piqué.
Award for the best Bullfighter male GQ: El Juli award male GQ best career: Enrique Ponce award male GQ year courage, the courage and the will: Miguel Angel Perera Prize GQ man of the year best national Designer: David Dolphin award GQ man of the year best model: Andres Velencoso GQ man of the year award to the best professional career : Enrique Ponce Prize GQ man of the year to the best designer Italo Zuchelli, Calvin Klein Designer.

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