Diamond, Coral and Lava Stone – Jewelry with Healing Properties

Black lava stone, red coral and especially the sparkling diamond conjure up a light in the eyes of any jewelry lover. And it’s no wonder that the precious stones are beautiful and real eye-catcher, which underline your personality.

But the beautiful semi-precious stones can do much more. Healing powers are attributed to many natural stone can improve your mental and physical health. And without chemistry, injections or medications. You can counteract and even already from the outset to prevent small aches and pains in natural way. And of course without any side effects. Only in the selection of appropriate natural stone, you have to watch a little, because each has its own properties and characteristics.

Diamonds Are the Kings of Gemstones

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, which crystallizes in great depth under tremendous heat and severe pressure to an extremely hard gem. Not in vain the name diamond derives from the Greek word “adamas”, which translated roughly means “The invincible”. But not only its exceptional hardness makes diamonds so valuable, also the unusual and rare refraction makes it something special. Already in ancient times was regarded as King of precious stones the diamond and in the middle ages, the precious stones were connected with a divine glow reflecting the highest purity and enlightenment. Despite this reputation it was discovered only in the 13th century that diamonds can be edit. A complex process, because due to their hardness is possible the even today popular brilliant cut with the famous 32 facets only with other diamonds. More information about the sizes and shapes can be found here: click

The Healing Power of Pure Diamond

In addition to a luxurious and captivatingly beautiful exterior, healing powers comprehensive diamonds for the mind and the body are attributed to. Necklaces, rings and bracelets with diamonds can accelerate the regeneration and lead to a faster healing after serious diseases. Diamonds can capitalize on your confidence, because they transfer to their wearer willpower, strength of character and indomitability. Also, the precious stones promote your creativity and the urge for spiritual freedom. And that does not apply to you as a happy owner of the diamond, but can positively impact even your fellow human beings and environment.

Coral – Precious Pieces of Jewellery in Bright Red

Coral arise quite naturally in the sea and are particularly on the Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean, in the Gulf of Biscay and in the Red Sea. The organic gems are made of aragonite, and get their characteristic bright red color by iron deposits. Also white and the much rarer black corals occur in their natural environment, but much less processed for jewelry.

Coral as a Natural Healer from the Sea

Under the stone, the corals are true all-rounders. Particularly the Red coral has always been considered special protective stone and was already in ancient times as a protection against evil spirits and black magic. Also today, the bright red coral are recognized as effective protection against all evil and negative energy. This is especially true when you’re wearing the coral next to the skin. It is simply in the form of bracelets, pendants on a chain or ring-shaped. So the red stones have their full effect and let negative feelings like jealousy, fear, and envy disappear. On the other hand, life force, energy, joy and the sense of your community be strengthened. The coral that makes the perfect protection stone for interpersonal relationships in family, partnership and friendship.

Lava Stones from the Bowels of the Earth

Image source: The Classy Life

The pitch black lava stones occur when molten rock reached during a volcanic eruption from the Earth to the surface and cools quickly. The light stones consist mostly of silicon dioxide, but also include a variety of other minerals. Iron oxide is responsible for the rich, black color. The stones are crisscrossed with fine air bubbles which they receive not only an interesting interface, but are also wonderfully easy. Due to their low weight, lava stones are perfect for making earrings.

Lava Rocks as a Natural Source of Energy

Grounded power ascribed to the pitch black lava stones which strengthen both the mind and the body. The airy stones can give you new energy and strengthen your will power and self-confidence. So interpersonal relations be loosened up and get new impetus. Also when the lava stone, direct skin contact is important, so you should wear the stones best in the form of jewelry pendants on necklaces and bracelets or rings. Some vendors of lava stone jewelry specialize even on the special effect of this natural stone and make the purchase of this creations a special experience. Jewelry designers such as The Classy Life or even designer artist markets deal with the importance of natural stones in great style.

Diamonds, coral and lava stones are just three examples of the many natural stones that can positively affect your health. Also turquoise, Amethyst, or Sapphire can well do your mental and physical health. You can combine of course different stones and amplify the effect, or adapt to your personal needs. Just try out, with which the natural semi-precious stones you feel most comfortable and enjoy their beneficial effects.