Decorate Mirrors with Vinyl

Surely you’ll have at home more than one mirror that perhaps meets a practical (such as see you every morning before leaving the House, the bathroom etc) or merely aesthetic function. Be that as it may, it is very striking decorate mirrors with adhesive vinyl, since in the majority of cases, enough to have part of the mirror performing its task, but can be perfectly covered with some decorative element.

Proposal with mirror Hemnes 74 x 165 cm

We invite you to creatively decorate any mirror in your home and the vinyl will be the perfect partner for this application. It is because the glass is a perfect surface to apply adhesive vinyl, to dealing with a completely smooth surface that allows you to paste the vinyl without effort. It is also possible to choose the most varied designs, and cut the surplus afterwards, once we have adjusted the vinyl. It is very easy to make cuts with a utility knife or scissors, always taking care not to damage the own glass or decorative elements next to it, such as frames.

Proposal for a decoration mirror using Hemnes 74 x 165 cm

It is possible to choose multiple colors and sizes for each of the designs that you like most. And the best, is that you can order even custom vinyl texts so your rooms have its own character. As we have done on previous occasions, we have left from the Ikea catalogue for our decorative suggestions, because it is a place where you can find lots of interesting material to carry out your ideas of decoration.

Proposal made with Ikea Stockholm mirror

In each one of the images, you can click to see vinyl we’ve used. And at the foot of each one we have linked the product of Ikea that we used for the decorative proposal. There are no excuses for dull mirrors in your House! Find more inspiration at!

Proposal for a decoration mirror LILLANGEN Cabinet

Proposal of decoration using mirror Stave in light brown 160x40cm

Proposal for a decoration mirror LILLANGEN Cabinet