Dakar Rally 2015 Route

The route of the Dakar is organized in three countries: Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. The start is 4 January 2015 in Buenos Aires and finish that is on 17 January 2015. What is the route of the Dakar for 2015 and how the process of registration?

Dakar rally 2015

Dakar is an annual event where car enthusiasts look forward to.
In the past, the drivers drove from Paris to the Senegalese capital Dakar. Tensions in Africa and security in your organization, it is now common for years as the Dakar in South America will be held. 2015 Dakar Rally will be run in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
Dakar 2015 is divided into the following classes:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Engine
  • Quad

Dakar rally 2015 is strenuous for each participant with many long steps and tough conditions. The difficult conditions caused by, on the one hand, the rugged and inhospitable terrain in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia on the other side of the weather. Dakar rally 2015 will take place in the South American summer.

Notification to the Dakar rally 2015

Registration for the 2015 Dakar takes place via the official website. The subscription period for the different vehicle classes will expire at different times.
For motorcycles and quads, running registration July 15, 2014. For cars and trucks, the registration will expire on 1 november 2014.

The route of the route of the Dakar rally 2015

The route of the Dakar rally 2015 will start and finish in Buenos Aires in Argentina and starts on 4 January and ends on the 17th of January 2015.
During the edition of 2015 will also be driven in Dakar by Chile and Bolivia. Where metro areas will be affected, but it will often be governed by the rugged area. There is another rest day for quads and motorcycles, and a day of rest for cars and trucks.
Below is the route of the Dakar 2015 at a glance:

Important dates Dakar Rally 2015

As usual, Dakar 2015 leave too early in the new calendar year. Start and finish are both in Argentina in Buenos Aires.
The following is a summary of the most important events in Dakar for 2015 by date: