Czech Republic vs Netherlands Football

In the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, Orange has always been difficult. During big tournaments were won only in 2000, during the group stage of the European Championship in the same year in the Netherlands and Belgium. This was a vital penalty in the last minute. In addition, aside from reporting in some qualifiers, some positive. Not for nothing Oranje won a total of only five of the 21 meetings.

The last Rounds of a European or World Championship

The Netherlands played five times in a major tournament against Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. Three times has lost twice in overtime. There were two similar games.
The first round match in the 1938 World Cup: Netherlands??Czechoslovakia 0 0?? Le Havre, June 5, 1938
the Netherlands was definitely a match against Czechoslovakia, but had in the second half with 10 men because of Heracles striker Freek van der Veen was injured. The extension was this lack noticeably and finally knew the Czechs by pressing and win 0-3. Czechoslovakia would otherwise reach the finals during the World Cup, and losing in Italy.Later, in 1962, they would repeat it, this time against Brazil, and again without success.
Goals: 0-1 Ko?? Talek; 0-2 Nejedlý; Zeman 0-3
semifinal Euro 1976: Czechoslovakia ?? Netherlands 1-1
Zagreb, June 16, 1976
but before the game all thought the Netherlands would win for a while and then in the finals would get revenge on the West Germany lost the World Cup final in 1974. It was completely different. In the 20th minute it was Czechoslovakia that in the person of Anton Ondru?? opened the scoring. The Czech was the absolute protagonist of the first 90 minutes because in the 71st minute he scored again, this time in his own goal. While the Netherlands could barely make a fist to the right pressurizing opponents. There was still a great chance at the end, but the keeper neutralize them. When the Netherlands had played with ten men after Johan Neeskens saw a red card from the referee.
The extension had drama emerges. Zdeněk Nehoda and Franti?? oak Veselý did, Willem van Hanegem can still inrukken in the 116th minute, Czechoslovakia qualified for the European Cup final against West Germany, they would win.
Goals: 1-0 Ondru?? ; 1-1 Ondru?? ; Nehoda 2-1; 3-1 Veselý
Group Round Euro 1980: Netherlands ?? Czechoslovakia 1-1
Milan, June 17, 1980
the Netherlands had to win to go through the group stage. In a tough race laps in the early stages Rene van der Kerkhof after a good move by Frans Thijssen on record. Not long afterwards, in the 17th minute, combined Czechoslovaks by defending the Netherlands and made ​​it independent Nehoda. Before half Kees Kist had the tying shoe, but he failed. After the break Kist still did away while falling, after a free kick in the 60th minute from the right Ruud Krol. In the final it was another goal from a header by Michel from Korput disallowed for offside. And so it remained at 1-1, not enough for the Oranje to qualify for the next round.
Goals: 0-1 Nehoda; 1-1 Kist
Group Round Euro 2000: Netherlands?? Czech Republic 1-0
Amsterdam, June 11, 2000
In the first half, the Czech Republic Orange come. Despite the continued holding of the Dutch players were very few chances. After the break the game changed the picture: Czech Republic began to create chances and did not bring the bar and the post. Jaap Stam ran out after a collision injured and was substituted by coach Frank Rijkaard Bert Control Letterman. Then they started to put up with a tie knew Marc Overmars suddenly still reach Ronald de Boer in the penalty area. However, this is arrested, which the referee Collina estimated penalty kick. It was captain Frank de Boer, who can be able to reason and also did NOGE impeccable 1-0. It was also the final score.
Goals: 1-0 F. de Boer
Group Round Euro 2004: Netherlands?? Czech Republic 2-3
Aveiro, June 19, 2004
Orange Rose, thanks to goals from Wilfied Bouma and Ruud van Nistelrooij, within 20 minutes of a big 2-0 lead. But before the end of the first half hour was the tall Koller scored the tying goal. The Netherlands, with the eminent Arjen Robben, then continued to attack. But the Czechs are on the lookout for outbreaks. In the 59th minute Robben suddenly exchanged coach Dick Advocaat, who was always dangerous and therefore Czech defenders themselves bound. Paul Bosvelt, a midfielder, was his replacement. Thus the Czechs a job opened up in the Dutch goal, and soon came to therefore under severe pressure. The Czechs were the tactical mistake of the race still to win 2-3.
Goals: 1-0 Bouma; 2-0 Van Nistelrooy; Koller 2-1; 2-2 Baro?? ; 2-3?? Micer

Qualifying Matches

It was far eight qualifying matches between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic for a World Cup or European Championship. Of these, Orange won twice, the Czech Republic four times and was playing two draws. Goal difference is 12-10 in favor of the Netherlands.
Euro 1996 Qualifiers: Netherlands?? Czech Republic 0-0
Rotterdam, November 16, 1994
Target: No
Euro 1996 qualification Czech Republic?? Netherlands 3-1
Prague, April 26, 1995
Target: 0-1 Jonk; Skuhravy 1-1; 2-1 Nemecek; Berger 3-1
Euro 2004 Qualifiers: Netherlands?? Czech Republic 1-1
Rotterdam, March 29, 2003
Target: 1-0 v Nistelrooij,. Koller 1-1
Euro 2004 Qualifiers: Czech Republic?? Netherlands 3-1
Prague, September 10, 2003
Target: 1-0 Koller; Poborský 2-0; 2-1 Van der Vaart; 3-1 Baro??
World Cup 2006 Qualifying: Netherlands ?? Czech Republic 2-0
Amsterdam, September 8, 2004
Target: 1-0 Van Hooijdonk; 2-0 Van Hooijdonk
World Cup 2006 Qualifying: Czech Republic?? Netherlands 0-2
Prague, October 8, 2005
Target: 0-1 Van der Vaart; Opdam 0-2
Euro 2016 Qualifiers: Czech Republic?? Netherlands 2-1
Prague, September 9, 2014
Target: 1-0 Dočkal; 1-1 The free; PILAR 2-1
Euro 2016 Qualifiers: Netherlands-Czech Republic 2-3
Amsterdam, October 13, 2015
Target: 0-1 Kadeřábek; 0-2?? ural; 0-3 Van Persie and the like; Huntelaar 1-3; Van Persie 2-3


In friendly matches between the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia Orange won three times, lost four times and there was a tie.
The Netherlands?? Czechoslovakia 8-1
Amsterdam, April 18, 1927
Target: 1-0 Ghering; Massy 2-0; Tap 3-0; 4-0 Ghering; Smeets 5-0; Tap 6-0; 7-0 Ghering; Massy 8-0; 8-1 Janhuber
Netherlands?? Czechoslovakia 1-2
Amsterdam, May 29, 1932
Target: 1-0 Bonsema; 1-1 Silný; 1-2 Nejedlý
Czechoslovakia ?? Netherlands 4-0
Prague, 30 October 1960
U] Target: 1-0 Scherer; Scherer 2-0; 3-0 Kadraba; Scherer 4-0
Netherlands?? Czechoslovakia 1-2
Amsterdam, 6 November 1966
Goals: 0-1 Geleta; Swart 1-1; 1-2 Hrdlicka
Netherlands?? Czechoslovakia 2-0
Rotterdam, April 16, 1969
Target: 1-0 Roggeveen; 2-0 Roggeveen
Czechoslovakia?? Netherlands 1-2
Prague, August 30, 1972
Target: 0-1 Cruyff; Neeskens 0-2; 1-2 Hagara
Czechoslovakia?? Netherlands 1-0
Prague, September 10, 1986
Target: 1-0 Knoflíček
Netherlands?? Czech Republic 1-1
Eindhoven, November 13, 1999
Target: 1-0 Tribe; 1-1 Koller
Overall played the Netherlands and the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia 21 times against each other. The Netherlands won their five games, there were eleven lost five and a draw. The overall goal difference is 33-30 in favor of the Czechs.