Cyklista Jan Ullrich

Jan Ullrich is a very famous German cyclist. For many years has been one of the best riders in the world.Eventually he stopped for suspicion of doping in a major doping scandal. This was just before the Tour de France, where many drivers seemed to have contact with the Spanish doctor Fuentes.

Jan Ullrich

Jan Ullrich’s 1993 World amateur champion, after he signed an agreement in 1995 with Deutsche Telekom. The first Tour de France, where he was meedeet in 1996, and he was surprisingly straight third. The following year he won the Tour as the leader of the team. The tour of 1998, he lost to Marco Pantani, mainly because he lost eight minutes in the mountains, by hitting the wall. Sovereignty following years came from Lance Armstrong. In 1999, he still won the Tour of Spain and trial time at the World Cup.
In 2002, he was injured and he was caught doping, where he be suspended for six months. In 2003, he continued with Team Coast, but it was not too good marriage, because the team did not have enough money. Then he went to the new team, Bianchi, who could participate directly to the tour. This Ullrich, after an exciting tour again finished second behind Armstrong.
He found his waterloo only tour in 2006, when he was a rider from T-Mobile, where he was accused of doping, because he would have had contact with a Spanish doctor Fuentes. Along with him were several riders from the tour.
After being suspended by T-Mobile announced Ullrich on 26 February 2007 in order to end up with professional cycling.