Cycling Safely

You Need to Have Care When Cycling around Town

Ride a bike is a great option for those who want to take care of health and even get from one place to another in a way convenient and fast. And the cool thing is that it has several models of bike to please all tastes. But for all of them is important to worry about security, see? And, for this has various equipments. Come with me as I show you.

Always Wear a Helmet

One of the most important protection accessories is the helmet! After all, he’s the one who protects your head and avoid more serious injuries if you fall.

Has Security Lighting

If you are one of those who’s accustomed to riding between the cars, mainly at night, a tip for night cycling is to use bicycle spoke lights and reflective. Moreover, it is a good idea to put vest, okay? It helps the driver see you and decreases the chances of accidents.

Respect Traffic Laws

Even if the bike is not a motor vehicle, you need to comply with some rules for pedaling around town, you see? A well-known example is that it is not allowed to ride on the sidewalk, between pedestrians. Ideally, you use the bike lanes or bike ride on the street, along the same lines of cars.
And, to improve the movement of the streets, the National transit Council also forces the cyclist to equip your bike almost like a car, using buzzers, rear view mirror and white or red lighthouse. So, before you go riding around, get to know the traffic laws, you see?

Don’t Listen to Music

People, ride with headset it’s super dangerous! If you’re listening to music, you may not hear the noise of cars, being distracted and not see a pedestrian. So, nothing to wear headphones while riding, okay?

Do Regular Maintenance

Take care of your bike is also part of your security, you know. So it is ideal to take her on a bike man from time to time to see if everything is in order, especially with the brakes. Oh, and keep an eye on the tires, too. It is important that they are always calibrated, okay?
If you follow all these tips, will be safe and ready to enjoy your ride! In Magazine Luiza you find several models of bike, helmets and security Illuminators !