Country Handbags: the Best Styles and Combinations

Who used to use scholarship can identify with this situation: visual mounted, but when the time comes to finish with the purse, that’s where it gets tricky. There are several reasons that can leave this moment unpractical. The color, the pattern, the type of tissue, the format and other aspects of the pouch can influence indecision.

Handbags can have various models, formats and colors. Just a walk by a busy street or an avenue to perceive parts of the big, small, round, square, neutral, shiny, stamped or with fringe, wallet, backpack and even shaped like fruits or animals. There are still various kinds of materials that are made like leather, cotton, suede, plastic and more.

No matter what type of purse, it is a useful accessory and that can complete the look in a pleasant way or the contrary. Today we will show you how to combine country and other handbags with clothing.

The leather pouch and excesses

Many people who like the music, rodeos and everything that involves the countryside universe is a fan of leather clothing. It’s not for less, this tissue has perfect tuning with the country.

There are several ways to compose a leather-looking look. You can opt for the single piece, like a trousers or shorts jumpsuit. Or you can also choose a look that mixes various fabrics and leather.

Want to make a look full of leather parts? All right, but beware, because the sum of many leather pieces with the goal of creating uniformity can be a trap.

A constitution of clothing with leather trousers, leather boots, leather jacket, leather belt, leather blouse and finally a leather handbag can leave your appearance too charged. Better to sin by the elegance than the excess.

Try mixing a blouse of cotton, the classic jeans, a leather jacket, a pair of leather boots and, yes, a nice leather handbag.

The recommendation of excess is also worth the colours in leather clothing. The traditional black color leather suits any color. In this case, it’s worth putting a more colorful piece to give a charming touch to the visual. However the mixture of two or more warm colours in leather fabrics can cause an even more charged effect.

Curiosity: For those who do not know some of the warm colours are red, orange and yellow.

Originality with the fringes

At least one piece with fringe is part of the wardrobe of the country girl. It could be a jacket, trousers, shorts, a skirt, a pair of boots and a purse with fringes.

Again, excesses may not be welcome. The rule of exaggeration of a kind of tissue that we count on the leather also goes for the fringe. Composing a look with 3 or more pieces with fringes can cause a contrary effect of admiration.

Try a jacket look with fringe and purse with fringe. Or even the fringe boots and the fringe purse. A short-barreled boot, low heels and fringes can make the look very charming. Check out this post that gives hints on how to use short-barrel boot.

It’s also worth getting a good eye on the blending of fabrics and colours. Be careful not to become a walking Christmas tree.

Check here more tips on how to combine country clothing.

Prints and colours

We know that we have talked about exaggerations, but it is always good to recommend extra care when talking about prints and colours.

Chess is a classic print of the world’s backcountry. In time to combine a nice plaid shirt with a purse, it’s a good idea to remember the harmonization of colors. A red-colored chess pattern combines very well with a red leather pouch or a neutral fringe pouch.

You want to know more? Check how chess is the perfect combination.

Country Themes

Purse prints can vary between country themes. The list of options that can have the theme chess, with animals such as horses and oxen, or animal print, in which an imitation of the animal skin does the pattern sometimes.

If you prefer a country-theme scholarship Let this play be the protagonist of your look. So you keep your style and leave the look super nice! Models with animal print can harmonize very well with leather jackets and jeans shorts. And the chess type can combine very well with a neutral colored leather trousers. The prints in which the animals are the stars must be the main item of their look to highlight. For that, leave the other parts in discrete colours.

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