Costumes Accessories For It-Boys

Clearly, 90% of the men are already doing their jobs Everyday outfits no head around matching accessories. This unnecessary brimborium is Frauendomäne. This is not the only thing to change jeans and T-shirts, but also to men’s costumes. Here man decorates himself as much as woman. Curtain on for the costume accessories for every fashionable trachtler.

Costume jewelery for men

No, it is not the bling bling that the girlfriend is wearing around her neck. Rather, men in this section can recollect their animalistic tasks. For every costume jewelery belongs a costume knife with a beautiful handle. While it is usually decorated in a decorative pocket in the right hand side of the leather pants, the man can pull the knife in time of need and expertly disassemble the hen with the hen next door.
If this is too subtle, you should go to the charivari costume jewelery.With the silver chain you wear at the trouser seat, every man can put his own individual statement.

Men’s trousers

What suits the jeans, works just as well with the men’s leather pants.However, not a 0-8-15 belt, but only the costume belt is strapped.Similar to the Dirndl bra for women, it ensures the perfect hold in all living conditions.Whether the guy rather prefer the discreet costume belt crest, or want to let it crash with unusual buckles is left to everyone.

Trach socks for coffee shoes

If rustic, then clever!Tennissocks are only conditionally included.So better to go back to the oldschool variant: Trachensocken and Loferl of wool.They are definitely the more authentic Wadlwärmer.

Now just slip into ELaineqho and you’re ready for the first measure of beer.