Correct Nordic Walking and Technique Variations

Many people engaged in the sport of Nordic walking. Unfortunately, about half of it wrong. The sticks used in the wrong way, the poor gets tossed around, is the back axes of warped, curved high. How is it exactly? It explains how to keep every part of the body that are used during walking.


Keep your head straight and upright. Look to the future.Only with your eyes you look down, so you can see where you go.


Relax your neck and let your shoulders fall down and pull back a little.

Upper body

Rotate your upper body with natural movements: right leg, right shoulder back, left leg, left shoulder back.


Both arms are bent and swinging it, to support the movement. With the right leg, left arm always moves forward. The left leg is getting the right arm forward.


The hips are moving from front to back and forth, in mirror image with the shoulders. Don’t wiggle your hips, you’re not dancing.


The front leg is still slightly bent. The rear is a strong rejection of the foot almost fully extended.
Nordic walking can prevent these issues. What you should not, and what should you do?

The Poles are too long

The decisive factor is the angle of the elbow of the upper and lower arm. This is more than 90 °, pole length properly. Is the angle less than 90 °, the stick is too long.
+ The following calculation helps to make the right choice of shaft length:
Body size in cm x 0.7 = pole length in cm

The Passport

?? A common problem is that the beginner right leg parallel to the right arm moves forward. This prevents the natural rotation of the upper body, and thus the fluid motion.
+ Bad first release without a stick. Sticks into the loops by hand. Thus you get used automatically to diagonal movement, while the right arm with the left leg to go forward.

Arms remain

?? Please note that you do not go. Many Nordic walking sticking with their sticks perpendicular to the body and move them just with the forearms. Thus, the training effect will be lost.
+ Power evolution work backwards only if you agree with the hammer for the body leaning back sales. The arm is slightly bent, hands up at navel height. Let the stick to your hips go way back. Stretch your arm here.

Hands do not open

?? Don’t squeeze! Who the decent pegs hold during the movement, creating tension that reach the shoulders and neck. Relax your grip.
+ First when depositing the sticks handle supplied with the hands. At the opening on the back swing your hands and you strengthen your fingers.

For small costume

If you make small steps, arms will not move efficiently and there is not enough force to throw forward. The result: the back, hips, and buttocks is not optimally trained.
+ The fit should be slightly larger as a normal step. Important, do not feel crowded or hereby nice bounces up and down.

Curved shafts

Note This creates stress! Who in the raising of the arms and put the sticks, the shoulder near the ears, get cramps in the neck.
+ Let your shoulder blades down when you lift your arm and stick. When disposing of the stick your chest wide and make the long neck.

Hunched back

Who is in a banana? attitude?? runs, you risk long-term spinal injuries and back pain.
+ Stand up straight. The optimal position is minimally prone. Head, neck and back form a line. Imagine that you have to go against the wind. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward and pulling the navel height.