Collection Clous Clous, Roger Vivier

There are occasions when you choose not to dress or suit and adorn the set with the complement that best becomes you, but the reverse: have a so concrete complement you are looking for clothes that go with it.

I would do it with supplements that Roger Vivier proposed in one of his collections for this next autumn/winter: Clous Clous.

In French it means nails and studs adorning the shoes, bag or glove jump to the view by the sophistication and glamour you have nailed.

In before Ash Grey, main photo Sandals make any foot female sculpture. He would take the gloves, in the same color, even if it did not make cold, in the hand.

We are sure that we will continue conducting low-boots the next season and even the next. These suede Burgundy are all sensuality. With a leather jacket of the same color and jeans, lips and manicure in red are ready to kill.

The turquoise color is no longer summer heritage, winter color, lights up any black set and revalues it. This cluth tacks make it shine by their mirror effect.

Suede transmits the feeling of warmth in the winter and gives the sport outfit a special kind. It should only be a special brush hand to clean this type of skin and enjoy your add.