Christian Lacroix High Couture Spring-Summer

If Chanel was a parade in white, with a large decoration of flowers, the parade of High Christian Lacroix Couture for this Spring-Summer 2009 It was an explosion of color and elements that increased the Baroque style of the garments: lace, draped, volumes, veils, ties, Ruffles, polka dots, giant flowers, feathers, Rhinestones, all mixed together. In short, an excess of decoration is not suitable for all sensitivities.

It seems that the French master of Haute Couture has taken borrowing ideas and inspiration of all places and times: the exaggerated 1980s, ladies of the Belle Époque, the dancers from Tahiti, and of course, their everlasting Spanish, flamenco and bullfighting world details: short toreras, red combined with black, polka dots and exquisite tail suits from HYPERRESTAURANT.

Follow your line as far away from minimalism in spite, Christian Lacroix He doesn’t surprise us in a riot of imagination and creativity. Although it is difficult to imitate these garments with clothing and accessories that we have in the closet, if we can take note of the idea to mix and use all the jewelry We have in house only once: bracelets of colored plastic, coral necklaces, large earrings Hoop, brooches, etc..

Neither missed a wedding dress to close the parade, which combined meters of white chiffon with a short jacket in gold and white.

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