Children’s Day: How To Choose Safe Toys For Kids

The Argentina Chamber of the industry of toy provided some hints when choosing the gift. The danger of buying toys in the street.

On the eve of the upcoming Children’s day which is celebrated on Sunday, August 21, provided recommendations for choosing the right gift, since the toy is not only cute, but also safe.

One of the most important points is based on the danger of buying toys in the street, saving some pesos but risking children unthinkable dangers as putting children’s health in suspense.

Then all the useful tips of the CAIJ:

-Security logo is a black “S” into two circular figures. It ensures, among other things, that the toy is certified in safe use.

-Be sure to check age recommendations. Suggested age has nothing to do with the intelligence of children. The recommendation is research based on the development and skills of children at a certain age and specificities and characteristics offering toy.

-I chose a toy compatible with the age and interests or tastes of your guy. If the toy is most advanced, your baby or baby can become frustrated and if it is very basic, will be bored.

-If you have to give a toy to one child under three years of age, avoid buying toys with small parts, points and sharp endings.

-Look having the characteristics suitable for children as the eyes and noses well embroidered Teddies and that seams are reinforced for an older child can play safely.

-Toys are safety standards limiting the sound level and the potential impact on the hearing of children, but other electronic devices in the home do not. We should take care not to expose children to environments with noise and sound volumes too high. Chose toys with volume control.

-If the toy is imported, note that the container contains stamp of AFIP with details of the manufacturer and importer data in addition to the logo of security.

-If you still have doubts, you can request certificates proving the safety of the toy business.

-Shopping in a toy store or business that generate you confidence. Avoid buying toys in public or in second hand business because 90% of these toys do not meet current safety standards, they do not pay taxes, violate the trademark Act and put at risk the health of our children.