Chaos Computer Club Hacks Apple Touchid

Only a few days ago the new top equipment were brought by Apple on the market – the new function “TouchID” should be sure to make the iPhone 5 s and protect from unwanted access to intimate Smartphone data. After we have already revealed an embarrassing security breach by Siri a few days ago, the chaos computer club now guarantees an absolute headline: Chaos Computer Club hack Apple TouchID!

The CCC in the official press release:

Hackers of the chaos computer Club (CCC) biometrics team have succeeded with the simplest means to bypass the biometric security features of the Apple TouchID. To a fingerprint which they abfotgoraphierten from a glass surface to create an artificial finger was enough hackers. Thus, they were able to unlock an iPhone 5 s, which was protected with Apple TouchID. Thus, the hacker demonstrated once again that biometric data for the prevention of unauthorised access are completely unsuitable.

Also criticized the idea that a ban by the own thumbprint was sure the CCC. This is finally every day in countless places left and can therefore freely and as carried by the CCC, “reproduced”.

Also you can be forced very easy to unlock his phone when it was detained. Forcing a people, to reveal a secure password is more difficult than simply hold the phone before his hands in handcuffs, however, a lot.