Chanel High Couture Autumn-Winter. The Best of the Firm?

It has been to make, Karl Lagerfeld He left all the present with their mouths open. And not by what has presented within the new collection high Couture autumn-winter 2015 / 2016 Chanel, rather by their setting. We have seen glaciers, a restaurant, fabulous supermarket and even streets where claim the signature style. Now touched you the shift to the Casino, and the Grand Palais turned into a game of the most stylish room.

As it is usual in a parade of these features, the firm commitment by all. And it is that you I associate that Haute Couture is only for worked more dreamy dresses, but the truth is that it encompasses all. So much so, that it is normal to start the show with dozens of proposals where combinations of tweed are the protagonists (skirt and jacket). Although these are more delicate than normal and can occur in version bling bling.

Right in the middle of the parade start to appear dresses who both like the firm where feathers, organza and small details that make the difference in love all the present. The black color has dominated in this collection which secure good ends up conquering you (there are so many options that it’s not difficult).

No CaKe, but if Kendall

Since this week became official that face Delevingne left runways to focus on her professional acting career, the parades have been a bit bland. And that it was at the of the maison where face and Kendall (aka CaKe) made their own. This time there has been, but the designer has made it clear: the Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, hermanisima is the new darling of the right, and has thus shown it changing it with a wedding dress and leaving her look for the end.

What you think about this new release within the week of Haute Couture?

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