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INMETRO Oversees Safety of Toys and Christmas Fixtures

Toys, bikes, children’s Christmas fixtures type hose and flasher are the target of special operation Santa Claus being held until tomorrow at the retail and wholesale across the country by the National Institute of metrology, quality and technology (Inmetro). During the action, tax agents of the institutes of State weights and measures (Inmetro delegates organs) check at the points of sale if the products on the shelves meet regulations established by Inmetro. The initiative aims to verify whether the market is selling only products certified or in accordance with the regulations. Last year, 767,121 products were monitored during the operation, of whom were irregular 15,006.

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Test with Toys is 390 Times the Amount of Phthalates Permitted

Toxic substances, which can provide health risks were detected in seven of the 17 products tested. The products must be collected

Idec conducted a test with 31 to assess whether the toys manufacturers were complying with the Ordinance No. 369/2007 of Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality) that determines the limit of 0.1% of phthalates (DINP, DIDP, DNOP, DBP and BBP, DEHP) in the composition of toys made of PVC base.

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Learn the Benefits of Using Toys in Children’s Learning

The thought on the education of children, parents and educators tend to separate the playtime with time for studies, creating a routine in which these two separate times.. Increasingly, however, experts suggest that free toys in his spare time, in between which allowed the hobbies, is not to exploit the full potential they offer for the cognitive development of children.

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Although Cheaper Toy Can Put the Children at Risk

With the approach of Christmas greatly increases the sale of toys. Either by price or by the ease and range of products, is increasing the consumption of so-called “pirate toys”, that is, the cheaper products and low quality, often smuggled or sold illegally in the Country. But stay alert: often these products pose a risk to consumers that purchase without knowledge of the risks.

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Tips for Toys for Kids Parties

The children’s parties are always very lively, children running, many sweets, snacks, fun ornaments, balloons and toys. It is practically impossible to organize a children’s party without jokes and fun.

Some items are indispensable at parties, such as decoration and buffet, others just complement and there are those that become the great sensation of the party, as is the case of toys and games. Continue reading Tips for Toys for Kids Parties

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About Creative Toys and Brands

The scene is famous: parents with difficult to deny the requests of small constants within a mall or supermarket. This task becomes even more difficult when the label of the products brings the characters that make success on television and in comic books. According to the Institute, 80% influence Alana of purchase inside a House come from the kids. But is is not somewhat cruel instigate in kids a direct relationship between consumption, identity and social acceptance?

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Babies, Toys And Music

Music soothes, that we know it all. What few people know is that music has a beneficial impact on babies, and it even while in the belly of the mother.

Sitting comfortably in their cocoon, beautiful baby hears what is happening beyond the walls of the maternal abdomen.

The voice of Mom, of course, is the first melody with which it meets, which convened and which recognizes.

There are studies that show that the baby responds to sounds from the 16th week of pregnancy, although his hearing to develop fully until the 30th week.

Experts advise mothers not to neglect the musical “education” of their children from the womb.

Make yourself comfortable and play your gentle, quiet music. Put your hands on your belly and relax. Baby you also hear music.

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