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President EpitÁCio Registers 85 Registrations of Electric Bicycles

Regularization Of Vehicles Began On September 8. Drivers Must Be Over 18 Years Old And Have An Identity Card.

The Municipal Traffic Department President Epitácio reported that after the beginning  of the electric mopeds and bicycle registration have been registered 85 vehicles. Only this Monday (15) were 18. According to the director of the organ Nelson Righetti Tavares since the implementation of the measure, the traffic has become more organized.

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Review: Blue Portable Toilet Camping

The portable sanitation is one of the most useful items of family camping. The victim of prejudice on the part of many campers who do not know him, can bring a huge comfort for the family, children and hygiene control even in residential use to assist elderly or people temporarily ill. The Blue Camping valuing the know-how of MaCamp to promote camping in your template for our analysis sent. Our team uses a portable toilet in almost all the camps of both how much trailer tent.

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Security for Fires in Camping

Lighting fires during camping trips can be fun, relaxing, but nowadays there are not many suitable sites for the practice. On YouTube I have seen a lot of people destroying the natural environment to do pioneering and campfires. This should not be the purpose of those who wait rescue hobbies of our parents and grandparents. Wood for campfires can and must be collected from the ground.

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Blue Camping Breaks New Ground

In This Report I Speak About The Products That Most Caught My Attention On Rv Expo 2016, In This Post I Will Talk About The Company Catarinense Known As Blue Camping, Showing Its Lines Of Automotive Tents For You That Has The Dream Of Embarking On A Vehicle And Travelling To The Four Corners Of The World.

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6 Important Care You Must Have with Your Fishing Rod

Keep the equipment well maintained is an attention necessary to guarantee a good fishing so you do not lose income and neither suffers from the losses of encountering damaged tools. The fishing rod, for example, is one of the most important equipment for a good experience in the fishery, and therefore needs to be extra careful on maintenance and upkeep. So that your stick lasts much longer, check out six important care you should have with her!

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25 Easy and Effective Yoga Poses

  1. Vakrasana Posture Yoga for weight loss (Half Braid Pose):

This asana will help reduce abdominal fat and at the same time strengthen the spine.


. Sit cross-legged Turn the lower part of the body to the right, extend your right leg and bend the left leg knee length Place the left arm down at a minimum distance from the body, turn right and put it on the outside of the left thigh position for 10 seconds to keep. Continue reading 25 Easy and Effective Yoga Poses

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Brad Pitt’s Glasses

No idea for the new glasses model? How about taking a peek at the eyeglass grade choices of the big screen idols to get inspired? In the case of Brad Pitt, the choice is great. In addition to sunglasses, he also wears eyeglasses with lenses darkened in shades of yellow and orange.

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Karl Lagerfeld Bet on the Baroque

Coco Chanel makes history even without being present: an important part of this fashion designer’s life has inspired the new collection of designer sunglasses. The person in charge is Karl Lagerfeld, who revisited in the lush designs an era in which all the brilliance was little: the Baroque. Nowadays, where the “clean” reigns, the composition in sunglassesauthored by Karl Lagerfeld gets even more prominent.

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