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My Dog Growls, What to Do?

Dog growling: some tips on attitudes to have or not to have!

Irritated? In a bad mood? Nervous? You must admit that there are days where you grogneriez on your entourage! Your dog can also be overwhelmed by situations. So disturbing this attitude as is, the response must be adapted precisely to avoid the mistakes and misunderstandings. Rather than enter the conflict, let’s see what you can do to make everyone smile! Continue reading My Dog Growls, What to Do?

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Mini Dog Food: Children by the Instagram

Make your own clicks “look of the day” is no longer a trend for a long time. Moms and not only the famous show all her talent fashion in time to dress your babies!

They just learning how to ride and have a pair of stilettos. The new generation fashion for which we pray asking for the abolition of “looks”,  already showing its face from a very early age. If we thought that Tavi–owner of the blog Style Rookie who burst in 2009, when the mini fashionista and she especially had just 12 years–was the most frighteningly young of a generation which absorbs information with amazing speed (and still produces trends long before decorate your tables), were wrong.

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