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Baby Room Decoration Stores

Because the decoration is not only reserved for adults, your children are also entitled to their share of accessories and other furniture trend for their room. Give your child and this from a very young age, a bedroom beautiful, well laid out, well decorated in which it will flourish and grow. To help you in this mission Our site selected 5 e – shops for shopper decoration for kids.
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Economy in the Decoration: Versatile Furniture – Boxes of Fair

The house is smaller, although we stay more and more and have more activities inside it. In addition, the smaller, the more we have to “turn around” when changes occur in life-another child, for example-or events, such as a whole family reunion. How can our decorating choices help us solve these challenges economically? Continue reading Economy in the Decoration: Versatile Furniture – Boxes of Fair

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Contemporary Jewellery from Mexico in Paris

During the month of July took place the new edition of MUMEDI (Mexican Museum of design) in the city of Mexico a jewelry display where he could confront and educate the Viewer to new currents and trends in Mexican design, this exhibition put in value the skill and sensitivity of the Mexican contemporary artists, providing a better understanding of the diversity and wealth of resources management of materials and techniques, after successfully this show prepares to leave France, where will be presented at the Foundation House of Mexico Paris, starting from the month of September 2013

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Models of Decorative Wall Stickers

Today change the House decoration is very easy and cheap, especially if you choose to put wall stickers, because the market offers a plethora of them with varied models of decorative wall Decals for home, you don’t have to be specifically for children’s bedrooms, but for any environment. Because the wall stickers are the ultimate in decoration and with very little money you can do fancy décor and refinement that will transform the environment. The stickers boast big advantages over the paint, because the day you get sick or you want to change the decor is just rip the adhesive and put others according to the colours, the furniture and the accessories.

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Kitchen Wallpaper Decoration

The kitchen wallpaper decoration is a very interesting alternative to change the face of this room, which increasingly has been valued in the residences of all Brazil, without the need to make major investments.

To do so, you can change the decor of the kitchen, leaving the most beautiful and pleasant environment, investing in some models of wallpaper, simple and inexpensive alternative, but that has the ability to renew the look of any space.

Wallpaper: how to choose, tips

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Wall Stickers with Phrases, Where to Buy

The wall stickers are increasingly common in bedrooms and living rooms decoration. The patches can be applied on top of any wall, being smooth and without any application, like grafiato or other types of texture. The smooth wall is the only requirement to apply the adhesive. You can apply the adhesive, but indicated is to be made by a professional in the field of decoration or even construction.

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Adhesives for Furniture Decor

Have you ever heard of adhesive decoration for furniture? Adhesives are a big trend in decoration of walls and furniture to be a practical and full of advantages to renew the look of your furniture. The stickers can cover scratches, stains, dents and appearance of wear. The adhesive is a product with affordable, fast and easy to apply and clean, because only need damp cloth, and the best is that you can find various designs and to get customized to what you want.

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