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Category: Decoration

Commercial Lighting

When a lighting designer does a residential project, is through the briefing with the client that he will have access to information critical to the success of the outcome. Among the data collected in the briefing, are the habits of the residents, their ages, activities in each area, among others. This information relates to persons who live in that environment, without that Act, in principle, change accordingly.

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Illumination of Facades

While the interior lighting is designed to meet the needs of the main users of each environment and their activities, the lighting of facades is much more focused on the artistic aspect. More than ever, this kind of project requires a specialist high dose of creativity and ability to understand the subjective and, through light, enchant, entice and surprise the human being.

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How to Install and Care for Vinyl Flooring

No termites, noise or spots: the vinyl floors are the secret of a quick, beautiful renovation and without headache. Take your main doubts and learn how to install and care for this type of coating on the tab that our site prepared for you. Popularly called PVC flooring, vinyl flooring together many advantages. They are water resistant, hypoallergenic, flame retardants and even absorb the noise environments.

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How to Choose Oven

The oven has multiple features that combine ease of use and security. He may have only one mode of cooking or be multifunction and combine convection, grill, rotating or even heat the steam.

1 Oven Cooking modes

Ovens offer different methods of cooking adapted to the culinary habits of each. According to the mode of spread of heat, cooking times are multiple.We can choose to preheat, bake one or several dishes at the same time, and even combine several functions. Continue reading How to Choose Oven

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