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Interview Rosana JatobÁ

Today’s interview is with journalist Rosana Jatobá.

I met Rosana in the event of nasal spray where I participated with other bloggers of motherhood and I was so happy when she agreed to participate in this tag on the blog. Rosanna beyond beautiful and very friendly, has a super cool site, the Universe Jatobá, which addresses mainly issues related to sustainability. I follow the site and has super interesting materials and lots of info on motherhood, as Rosanna is the mother of twins.

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Small and Well Restroom Toilets and Bathrooms

I made a selection for you from 10 toilets and toilets that we will analyze in detail, okay?

Light wood and gray are light and harmonious together. Liked the differential (and economic) narrow mirror. Look at the following interesting details for bathrooms and small basins: Simplicity, especially in coatings (on the wall I believe this is a texture…I could not find information), the light colors, the hanging furniture, the fact that there are no handles and Areas from the closet to the toilet paper and a towel.

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Nomad Digital:My Life with a Backpack

I did my first backpacking to 24 years, but I’m a backpacker since childhood. Son of a broken home, I got used to pack up and get out of the House when I was seven. Every weekend was the same story: clothes in his backpack, backpacking, back in the car and go. Later the situation became even more complex. Not content to live in two houses, I decided that my nomadic spirit demanded more. For at least two years, I lived in four houses. Four houses at the same time.

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As Liquor Store in Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are the perfect container for the transportation of alcoholic beverages. What many do not know, however, is that stainless steel bottles can also be used for storing alcohol for several days. Stainless steel bottles are only designed to store straight liquor, so mixed drinks and other beverages (especially acids) should not be stored in a jar, but if it’s a straight liquor you need to store in a flask can be used to do this.

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Different Types of Water Containers

The author of Squeaky is a big water drinker.

Preferably sparkling, and therefore gaseous.
It is advisable to drink two to three liters of water a day, or even more, and it is even often marked on the bottles. In case of effort, in particular, a bottle is quickly engulfed. And do not even talk about health problems that thirst.
But, all these bottles, carefully packaged and colored do not necessarily inspire confidence, while what about the normally saving content for health?

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How to Choose Laptop Backpack

I finished University, already a few years ago. At the time, I remember that laptops were already used by many students. I don’t know if it was because I was right, but at least half of the students in my program was taking notes of course with their laptop. I still remember the concerts of “disturbance of the keyboard” when teachers gave their courses. I remember also this course of private international law, where my colleagues had to turn into typists, so the teacher spoke very fast.

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Prenatal VIP Club

VIP Club Card: 12 months of prenatal maternity newborn and child shopping at super cheap prices. On all clothing and not only…

Shop for items on sale is not easy, not for kids: the temptation of hoarding for the next season is always strong–at least in my case–but, often, we end up with both heads pretty much new that don’t go over well… to me it’s already happened several times. So instead of saving, you spend unnecessarily. Always assuming you manage to find the right size, of course

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How to Load a Backpack

Even the best backpack isn’t effective and causes back pain if not adjusted properly or if it has not been prepared optimally. For a trek to success it is important to adjust the height of the body. By allocating the optimum weight walking better and increases balance.

How to set your backpack optimally?

  1. To try the backpack you should upload it (ca. 8 kg) and then to loosen all straps. Wear the backpack.
  2. Place the lap belt one half of the hip (place to stick out the bones) and tighten. Extreme parts of the pad should protrude approximately 3cm from the sides.
  3. Tighten the shoulder straps so the main weight is still divided on the lap belt. The shoulder padding should be in contact with the body. The adjustment straps at the end of the shoulder straps should be up to the armpits. If they are too high means that the height of the dorsal fin is too low (the shoulder straps are too tight or drift away). If they are too low means that the spine is too long (irritation on neck and arms).
  4. Close and tighten the chest strap until you get a comfortable position without compromising breathing. The chest strap stabilizes the shoulder straps and distribute the weight properly.
  5. Adjustment strapsDepending on the terrain, the adjustment straps allow to increase freedom of movement (loosen in case of land) or improve load distribution (in case of difficult terrain). In order to ensure an optimal function, the adjustment straps have an angle of 45° (30° to 60° max.).

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Vintage Mountaineering Backpack

What must be taken into account to purchase a backpack for a day?
There are two types of backpacks per day:

Classic mountaineering backpack with upper opening under the hood

The mountaineering backpacks have mostly a simple line and possess few functions, in order to make them lighter. Because they are closed with two belts, if necessary can be loaded externally.

Extendable hood allows you to increase and decrease the volume of the backpack in the name of flexibility. Thus, the climber has a place for everything you need during the climbs (ropes, helmet, harness) and can compress the backpack freely during the tour. Side compression straps allow you to attach externally various utensils.

Often the backpacks have a large compartment, accessible only from above, making it more difficult to search for objects internally.

Daily packs/daypack with zipper
(open flap fittings)

This type of backpacks offers access to main compartment through a circular hinge. The front of the main compartment opens to fore giving the user a good overview of the content.

Precisely because the filling and discharge system is simpler, this type of backpack is better suited for everyday use that not the model with unique access from above.

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How to Wear the Backpack

Here are 5 style tips on how to match the backpack, big accessory trend for this season. This type of bag, in fact, extremely practical and comfortable, has ceased to be deemed a simple legacy of the 90s and has been revisited by some of the greatest brands in the fashion world. Do you know how to wear your backpack and how to match it? Learn useful tips.

Which One to Choose?

No precise and strict rules: just stick to a small skimming inherent in the material in which the backpack is made. If you prefer a look sophisticated and chic mood, vintage-inspired or fashionable, what he does for you is the classic backpack in leather or leather, characterized by lines and soft shapes, essential. Choose, instead, a backpack in fabric if garments so casual or sporty, even in bright colors and impact. Are you looking for something in between? Opts for a classic revisited, as a backpack with studs suggested by Mulberry ( in its fall / winter 2016-2017 collection.

When You Wear?

Backpack, like all large and roomy bags, falls into the categories of daytime bags, suitable for the size of the company/studio and of course leisure. It is therefore recommended not to choose it for the evening, just as we would not choose a shoulder bag, just as casual and practical.

How to Wear the Backpack at Work

The backpack can be worn to work, just knowing match. Accostalo a pantsuit, masculine edge, and sticking to the suit with a skirt: the effect would age and definitely exceeded. If you work in an informal setting combines well your backpack with jeans or skinny pants and maxi coat for a chic minimalist look professional and stylish.

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10 Tips on How to make a Travel Backpack

In these summer days, many are about to start their vacation, and as always, it poses a dilemma. How do we make the backpack?

And it is that if you tried to save on your trip, it is likely that you have chosen to travel with a backpack invoiced and even with one hand, to avoid you so uncomfortable suitcases wheels, drag and facilitate transfers.

Have you ever thought about travel with a backpack instead of with suitcase?

Traveling with things in tow, the first in what we should think about is on our back. And rating variables, such as:

-Our travel destination



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