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How to Care for Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face, so you have to keep them always in order. And “in order” means not only taken but WELL taken and modeled according to the natural format that each one has.

There are also certain styles for the eyebrows as there are phases in which they are used thinner, thicker, etc. After all, there is a tendency for everything in this world! However, when it comes to eyebrows, the advice “do not flee from your style” could not be more serious.

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Most Attractive Lips Care

Hello girls! In today’s post I am going to leave some advice so that our lips look more careful and attractive. Having beautiful lips gives us a young and fresh image, so that the pampering that they need must offer them. The skin in this area is thinner and has less natural moisture, something that makes it more fragile. That is why we must give him a few extra care that will thank you for giving your best look. Continue reading Most Attractive Lips Care

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Quick and Simple Makeup Tips

The feminine universe is crazy about makeup! Feel prettier is a wish of most women.

However, often when we’re getting ready, we encounter problems that can spoil, hinder basic all of our make, besides to be late for the appointment.

Separated here some tips that will make your life easier! And rather than take hours to do your make-up, you will take only a few minutes.

Is there anything worse than spending the mask of Cilia and shitting? Especially when you already went all out in the dust!

The super tip is to use a spoon as average support to upper and lower lashes, while you pass the mascara. In addition to bend the eyelashes, the spoon avoids any dirt that the mask may cause. See: 10 makeup tips to make your life easier

It is important that you know the position of the mascara applicator. Remember: to get separate eyelashes and long, the applicator must be passed vertically.

But if you want to bulky, and curved eyelashes together, spend the mascara horizontally is trumps!

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How To Choose the Right Nail Polish

It’s time to color even for our hands. Learn how to choose the right nail polish that doesn’t jar nor with your tastes or your skin.

I can’t get away without, the enamel for many of us is now a must, a must-have accessory that makes it pleasant and graceful our hand, provided, however, that the choice was shrewd. Not that it is necessary to consider many features to the right choice of the enamel, but we should still take into account not only the color of our skin tone but also that of our nails. In short the procedure which then leads us to choose one color over another, is not so different from that with which we choose with care the nuances of our lipsticks. Continue reading How To Choose the Right Nail Polish

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Tips to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

It’s not news that every woman likes to perfect on makeup when you leave the house, except that it is not always so easy to touch up your makeup during the day or a particular event, the way, then, is to pray for the makeup hold out as long as it takes, right? Wrong, because some tips can help you to make your makeup last longer, without having to resort to Saint or promise, and is what we show here and now, a few tricks for your makeup last longer and stay flawless until the end of the day.

Let’s combine, though powder your nose already is part of the routine of women, who wouldn’t skip that part? Is the lipstick that’s gone, the shadow that erased, theblush that disappeared, that is, all the production made with the greatest affection often ill wait till the middle of the day, however, very quiet at this time, I can to reverse this situation. Watch these foolproof tips to make your makeup last longer and you can carve it up for much longer.

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Review of Makeup Remover

Hi guys, all right!?

Last month the Marina of 2beauty launched a cosmetics line in partnership with Sephora. One of the products is this makeup remover cream with Argan oil. I think it’s different and I was curious to try it out. How had a promotion on the website of Sephora, 15% discount on all purchases, I tried to buy, without conscience, to test! RS

It costs 26 reais, a price until well friend, and left me by 22.10. The packaging is cute, a little pot small and sturdy. And has a plastic cap inside to help seal the product. Is a white cream pretty consistent and with a soft, lightweight, smell of cinnamon (cinnamon for me lol). No full characteristic of argan oil, but he has enough oil in composition and is very hydrating. When we spread the skin looks good shiny and “luscious”.

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How to Make Makeup Baking

Contour makeup trends and strobing has a strong competitor: the baking. Still don’t know what it is and how it can make in your face? Then watch this a article in which we disclose to you all the details about this technique so popular and used by celebrities and most influential models of the moment. With it, you can hide wrinkles, pores and imperfections of a spectacularly, getting a natural fur, but completely smooth and radiant. Continue reading and find out how to do the makeup baking step by step.


  1. What is exactly the baking?

This innovative makeup technique consists on applying a generous amount of translucent powder over the concealer in cream that arises in some areas of the face, so that the latter “cook”. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? So, the main goal is to leave it there for 10 to 20 minutes to penetrate well into the skin and the result is a much more lasting and sturdy makeup, obtaining at the same time a radiant appearance and incredible natural skin.

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