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Barbour Jackets in the Country Style

Barbour stands like no other for British country lifestyle. The history of the family business began in 1894 in the northern English port city South shield. The British Royal House took a liking to the mark early and there is hardly a member of the Royal family, that will be photographed and seen not on a photo with a Barbour jacket. Prince William and Prince Harry wore as toddlers Barbour jackets. The image check out.

As the fashion label is the supplier of the British Royal family, Barbour confident presents the jelly coat of arms in the label. Continue reading Barbour Jackets in the Country Style

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Prenatal VIP Club

VIP Club Card: 12 months of prenatal maternity newborn and child shopping at super cheap prices. On all clothing and not only…

Shop for items on sale is not easy, not for kids: the temptation of hoarding for the next season is always strong–at least in my case–but, often, we end up with both heads pretty much new that don’t go over well… to me it’s already happened several times. So instead of saving, you spend unnecessarily. Always assuming you manage to find the right size, of course

Continue reading Prenatal VIP Club

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Plus Size Mini Collections

Plus size fashion days in Hamburg, they are always good for a fashionable surprise. A capsule collection celebrated its premiere there!

Fashion becomes exciting when two creative minds together to do and dare an experiment. The two? Katja Heidrich, fashion designer and founder of mable and Tanja Marfo, plus size activist and initiator are the plus size fashion days in Hamburg. Continue reading Plus Size Mini Collections

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How to Know the Size of Your Cap

Have you found that perfect Hat but was in doubt: How to know the size of the hat right on the purchase? It’s not just the tab model, straight or bent, and from the rear, locked or snapback, that make the difference. The size is crucial at this time.

Until recently, we didn’t even knew the different caps sizes and models available on the market. It was with the popularization of New Era Caps that we follow this American standard. Continue reading How to Know the Size of Your Cap

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Shoes With Wheels

May seem like a recent trend that is gaining strength, but in fact the sneakers with wheels are much older than we thought. The leading brand of these shoes made its first patent in 1999, with the intention of overcoming the existing model which consists of wheels with straps to attach to shoes. During the passage of time the growth of practitioners was never regular or large, but during the last few years seems that they increasingly those who prefer rolling walk… Continue reading Shoes With Wheels

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The Importance of a Sports Bra

Sport is a vital necessity, releases endorphins, away concerns, relaxes your mind and makes you feel good with you same. But it is not always easy, especially if you have much breast. An inadequate subject, combined with excessive movement, is the main reason why many women complain of irritation and hypersensitivity in the chest after sport. And not only that: exercise without a good sport bra can cause discomfort, distractions and loss of security.

Despite the importance of a sports bra suitable to your sport and needs, 44% of women who practice sport confess having not ever used. Continue reading The Importance of a Sports Bra

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Long Dresses For This Summer

Good morning!

It seems that this season long dresses are trend for any occasion: for your day to day, for a special event, for going to work, etc. Today on the blog, we make a selection of dresses that will enchant you for sure. We are inspired by the Lovely Pepa and Rocio Osorno bloggers for a look perfect for this types of dresses. Continue reading Long Dresses For This Summer

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Smartwatch: First Impressions

Connected to the smartphone, the smart clock allows you to view messages, download applications, and make calls without using your phone. PROTEST, then, conducted a survey of 150 users to evaluate the usability of this recently launched handset.

Also called smartwatchsmart watches let you view notifications coming to your smartphone, download applications, and answer calls without messing with your mobile device.Despite the numerous promises of advertising, smart watches have a long way to go to satisfy users.The good news is that the brands are focused on the evolution of this technology. Continue reading Smartwatch: First Impressions

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