Casual In Gray And Sparkle Or Be?

…this is the question that I will certainly not be able to answer today… The thoughts on this post haunted me for quite some time in my head rum.

Some of you can certainly remember the action by the Australian blogger Essena O’Neill♥, who “cleared” her socialmedia life at the end of last year with her social media account. If someone is so offensive with a big lie to the public, then of course you think about it… So I think about it and I know many of you do that too.

Casual In Gray And To Be Or Not To Be

… that is the question here, which I will not be able to answer today… The thoughts about this article have been haunting my mind for some time now. Some of you can definitely remember the Australian blogger. Food and drink. When somebody presents themselves so aggressively in public with such a big lie, then of course it’s natural to think about this.

The Internet Is Not Evil

… and somehow I feel addressed-after all, I have a blog and also move on these socialmedia platforms, which are represented by the blogger as “evil”. The girl is right: Internet, blogs and social media have become a business. This is not the case, however, since the 19-year-old has published, it was already before. Only, the cake was still not a pie and the profit was not so great. But since in the meantime the whole world is frolicking in the vastness of the www-and I mean that was foreseeable, after all the thing was called world wide web-the cake got really big. The people who want to take part in it, however, also jumped a bit. Basically, I do not think that is synonymous not reprehensible. The Internet is not evil-evil can only be how people use it.

The Internet Is Not Bad

… and somehow I feel like I have a blog and am active in these social media platforms. The girl is right: Internet, blogs and social media have become a big business. That has not been so since 19 years old began publishing … it had happened beforehand. However, the food was very good. In the meantime, however, the whole world is in the process of splitting around the world-and I think that what foreseeable. After all that’s why the thing is called World Wide Web-and the cake has become really big. The people who want a slice.Fundamentally I do not think this is objectionable. The internet is not bad.

On Sundays In The Church

But that too is an ancient problem. The essence of man has always been so knitted. Earlier, on Sundays in the chic fur coat, she went to the church to show the “ollen” neighbor what you could afford. And where do you go today, when you are all alone in the church and the BMW before the house also no more interested? Exactly on the Internet? And for that you do not have to run a blog first. Pinterest and Instagram are very easy to use and thanks to the sophisticated technology of the smartphones and tablets is synonymous ratzfatz.Clearly, no money could be earned with the sun-setting church-but that was the other times… and in the old days everything was better. And I think Ms. Mustermann from Munich would not have printed any one on her fur coat. At that time it was clear that she had bought the good piece from Rieger fur. In the end, the Radiowerbung…

Sunday In The Church

But even that is an age-old problem. The essence of human life has always been so. In the past, you have to go to the church. And what do you do today when you are alone in the church? Exactly, go into the internet. And it’s not necessary to have an elaborate blog.Pinterest and Instagram are conceivably easy to use and thanks to the sophisticated technology of smartphones and tablets it’s all very quick. Of course you can not go to the church. And all the same to me. I think it’s a good thing. Although it was not the case, (Rieger was a famous for shop in Munich). After all the radio stations catered for this advertising …

Sundays On Instagram

Today you do not go to the church with your new piece, today you upload a photo on Instagram and hope to get as many hearts and comments as possible. I also – with the difference, that I am not doing to strangle anyone, something. I hope there are like-minded people who have just as much fun in fashion and beauty as I do.Narcissistic? Maybe… a little bit. But I find a little self-love does not hurt… Why is it in our society more positively occupied, not to like itself and constantly rumkkritteln itself? It is wrong, however, if someone only likes himself, because previously 15.5k followers told him how great you are… But I wonder where is she, the much-cited authenticity when you need it? Supposedly it is the key to all happiness. And it is also wrong to imagine his 15.5k followers having bought the bikini at xy, even though you have been given him and received a fat fee on top and forgot to write about it.

Sundays On Instagram

Today when you have something new to show, you do not go to the church. I’m the same-with the difference that. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe… .. definitely a little bit. But I do not have a lot of self-centeredness. In our society why is it considered to be more positive when you do not like yourself? It would be wrong if I had not been able to do it anyway. Allegedly it is the key to happiness. If you want to know more about this, then you can write a review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Educational Work

There is a lack of truth. When I look at Instagram for a picture that suggests I’m just jogging, even though I have nothing at all with this sport, I’ve simply lied. But O’Neill can not push the media into the shoes-she did. However, the blogger is only 19 years old and was, during the whole hype around their socialmedia accounts probably still too young to understand the business behind “thumbs up” and “hearts” and when one with 15 years already addicted to ” Me “-clicks, then the problem is probably where else. So you have to see this confession rather as an appeal to the educational work of our time… finally, our children grow into a world where Instagram and Co will be self-evident…


A part of the truth is missing. If I have a question, I would like to know if it is possible. Can not blame the medium-it was you who did it. However, the blogger is only 19 years old. “Thumbs up” and “hearts” and if one is added to “I like” clicks at the age of 15, then the source of the problem. If you are looking for a job, please contact us. Instagram and co. To be a bit of a…

Casual And Gray

Actually, I am not really at the end here-I have so many thoughts in my head on this subject. But the text is already long and who has stayed up to this point, perhaps wonders what one shows with such a contribution for an outfit? A very “normal”-very casual and with a lot of gray that I have worn on a day off and because it is winter and it gets dark, my husband and I took the photos in the morning and were even lucky. It was super zapigen but we were rewarded with a great sunrise. The early bird catches the worm… or something. Have a nice Sunday dear all…❥❥❥

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Casual And Gray

Really I ‘m not finished yet-I’ve been thinking about this theme in my head. However the text is long enough and whoever has read so.A very “normal” one-very casual and with lots of greyhounds I wore on a day off and because of it’s winter and early morning my husband and I took the photos in the morning and were lucky. It was extremely cold but we were rewarded with a great sunrise. The early bird catches the worm or even it goes… Have a lovely Sunday everyone…. ❥❥❥

Trousers, fake fur: Only-a great fake fur coat I have found fromMichael Kors*. From Basler I have seen a black woven fur coat*.
Shirt: Dorothee Schumacher
Cardigan: Ground-a pretty similar short cardigan is also available at Boden*and exactly the same Kashmir cardigan* is there again.
Shoes: Bon A’Parte-the boots of Blowfish*I find very cool and those of Crick it also.
Scarf / Cape : Gaastra-I love this cap scarf*and wear it all the time-it is so versatile.
Bag: DIY
* affiliate links: various online shops+♥no affiliatelink