Cartier, a Gift from the Company’s Luxury Gifts

In just a month, you’ll have to decide what work commitments with customers and staff of your company want to attend. If there is a date in which the corporate gifts calan deep, this is Christmas. What if we take a look at the? Cartier catalogue?

One of the most gifted products in companies are the Office and writing accessories. The selection serves as both ladies as gentlemen and is an article from technology-wiki that you have on your desk all year. It is a traditional idea that becomes interesting if it is as emblematic as Cartier luxury firm.

The magnifying glass paperweight Santos de Cartier It is a good example. A stylish, modern and bright paperweight that will never clog. It has a Palladium finish and it is dotted with a few screw in yellow gold finish as only decoration. The logo cartier discreetly engraved and packaged in one of his red boxes.

The Letter opener that makes you play I especially liked by propeller-shaped design. An original way to remember and honor the close relationship of Cartier Santos Dumont Aviator with. Also with finished Palladium and gold screws decoration, it is how to prevent again that your Batman follow opening letters with scissors just when that important client walks through the office.

Something more feminine for them? The lacquered pink cake and the charm in this heart shaped Cartier pen they are a success. It is a more personal detail and leads to game a keychain with the same charm CUTWORK and finished Platinum. How these details like the ladies! And if they come from the boss, we teach it to all her friends.

Writing articles is where you can find more assortment of equal but chosen gifts according to the personality of each person you are destined. All employees the same idea: a Cartier pen. But not all equal: a mini pen pellet for those who like to take it on the agenda or a Trinity pen with three rings in different finishes in the CAP for that special helper both provided this year.

If these timeless ideas already gave them other years, the Cabochon bag (photo above) or the Cartier Marcello seem to me an excellent idea. Mole color or red respectively, are two exquisite models of bag to they complement a suit jacket with elegance.

As you can see, choose corporate gifts This year is going to be one puzzle less that think because in Embelezzia we are going to propose more interesting options.