Who wants to make good investments in versatile and enabling various options of looks, you have to invest in one or many cardigans. They adapt to any styles, for more alternative.
Is a classical piece, made in knitting with very small plots, has fit perfect for use outside, open or closed, with or without belt, short or long and can still be used in overlays (with another blouse inside) or alone, as even blouse. Another tip: is a charm to use it with a neckerchief.
Combines with pants (all styles), skirts, shorts and even dresses. Have a cardigan in the wardrobe is to have a Joker valuable, to give a touch that look, to change the look of work, for the night, finally resurfacing the cardigan goes with everything. And not to mention that this piece has female and male versions.
The best seasons to wear a cardigan are: all. In the spring, throw over that flowery dress to the nights still fresh. In the summer, have always the scholarship to cover the cervix in any situation that requires composure; In autumn use and abuse of the cardigan, since at that time the four seasons can be seen in a day morning cold, very hot afternoon and the night again chilly. In winter varies the composition’s look as the temperature. Less cold days wear a t-shirt or second skin thin and on colder days, a view over the second skin and stay nice and warm. Visit and find online promotions in stores like Zara.

Eternally Cardigan

This Wool Cardigan came out of the male wardrobe between the 20:30 to reign absolute in the female wardrobe. The power of your various combinations, multiplying the possibilities of looks makes him one of the darlings of the women. Among his adjectives, one of the most valued and analysed at the time of purchase is the fact of being completely timeless, which means he doesn’t go out of style ever.

Cargigan: Tips

As you can see, buying a cardigan is a tremendous investment. Enjoy and invest in several different color models, striped, with or without shine and multiply visual chic options from your wardrobe.
With regards to styles, is a mistake to think that the cardigan’s classic women’s clothing, this piece is quite versatile and with high power of transmutation, as the combination of the remaining items of the look. In a stripped down and casual handbag, footwear translates an adventurous personality, stripped who values comfort. With classic pieces and accessories of quality prints the image of a madame tres chic. And yet, with alternative style, the cardigan “dancing as the music”.
If you are careful to wash it by hand using mild soap, dry it always shadow and without hanging it by the tips, your investment will last for a long time. And even if they ressurjam with new guys each season, that you have the various seasons will certainly be in high tops with a “vintage”.
Choose a length that will favor your BioType, for example: the little ones should avoid long hair up to the hips and completely avoid the knee lengths, as “achatará”. Until the waist looks great.

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