Can You Learn to Ride a Horse by Yourself

Can I do it or not?

Which professional?

Have you come to the conclusion that you will run into your horse yourself, then you can start looking for a nice place to have it done. Training Stables abundance and instructors a young horse, you also want to schooling. But how do you find good?
What is your goal?
First, it is good to remember what you want to do with your horse. Find a stall or an instructor that fits goal you have.

Do you want a horse that is not sensitive, but above all go obediently outside his round? Find someone who is good at and is for example a piece of terrorist training and outdoor riding grasps it. Just need a horse that very little helpers respond well passes through the body and where the energy from the spray at competitions, so that you achieve good results? Then a man with a great gaming experience can be more comfortable.
Professional experience or expertise?
There are people with all kinds of qualifications?? The success of hundreds of young horses are trained. There are also many people who have made ​​it out eventually and happy to lend a helping hand. In between there are many more variations. All can be useful, but to someone who has schooled a few horses, the risk is higher than something goes wrong. Simply because that person is much less horses have managed to lecture and therefore has less experience. Less experience will allow you to come who have not experienced this individual situations. This may indicate that he intervenes too late, resulting in a problem.
What is especially important if you trust the person you choose. You stand behind their methods? Do you have confidence that he properly will fix it. Do you think he can do well with your horse from the feet? Try to find out if the stables or coach that you have targeted known. Also ask around to other people’s experiences with the trainer or stable. If you hear from several people that their horses are well schooled in this place, you can bring your horse with confidence on it. But it may also be that you know someone well, which is not so well known, that you know it’s all what you need. There you can also choose. Be yourself in what you choose aware of all the risks?? s.
How long to put education?
Choose someone who takes the time to schooling your horse. In four weeks a fully trained horse to recover, should be the exception rather than the rule. If a horse too quickly schooled, so it can sit with underlying tensions that sooner or later comes out. Then you are still having problems.
Six to eight weeks is a realistic deadline for getting back a horse that could walk and trot under the man. If the horse shows that can also be caught galloping along these weeks. Do you have a horse that builds up very fast voltage, then a three-month period may not be redundant.
A good stability will always look at how well a horse newly learned can handle. This Beleren tempo can be adjusted.
Remember that you are always the one who decides what happens to your horse. You know that your horse best. If something happens to your horse that does not like you, you should be able to talk about it. Good contact with the shed is therefore very important.
Know that you have never guarantee that everything will be perfect. You are dealing with a living being, and it can unexpectedly always react differently than expected. As a result, it can also be done with a good stable error. These errors must be resolved in consultation with the coach.
Nothing is worse than a bad run-in period. It could cost you a fine horse. Weigh all the pros and cons so closely.
Workout Success also depends on your own horsemanship. It might sound crazy, but you are an education will continue after school. If your horse is dead after a couple of weeks for the bone, while after breaking in nicely left calf light pressure, then you are doing something wrong. Thus all sorts of mistakes creeping in after school, which has nothing to do directly has to do with the stable where the horse is trained. To be overly critical of yourself!

You will do it yourself

You have come to the conclusion that you have enough in the house to go to lecture your horse yourself. Then you can start to make a plan how to fix it. Consider the following:

  • What do you want the horse to go first to learn?
  • What method do you use in teaching?
  • How much time do you take for the different parts? After how long do you want for example to first sit on your horse?
  • Do you have the right equipment?
  • Look for someone you are good at can help in schooling. Someone who can keep your horse when you start hanging on the back of the first to sit down. Preferably, the one that works the same way as yourself and someone you trust. Do not do anything without help. Which brings unnecessary risks with him?? S.

Have you never been a horse all by himself schooled, is helping a good instructor is important. If you do something for the first time you make mistakes. It’s not bad, but to make the saddle is important where possible to exclude the risk?? p. Select an instructor as many horses reason. So you can protect an overly big mistake. So you are sure that you and your horse a beautiful future together.
In addition, you can still choose to display some parts during a lesson out of your hands; For example, the first time sit or first time galloping. If you are still making the most of yourself, but you do not take unnecessary risks?? p.
schooling for a young horse is a challenge, but if all goes well and you make progress, it also gives a lot of satisfaction and joy!