Buy Business Bag: The Small Guide

Briefcases and attaché cases must can today much more than to transport only documents. In a business case, more should fit laptop, Notepad, books, documents, and much. The bags and cases are an almost essential accessory for the modern gentleman.

From the students to the top manager, hardly a man can without. But how do you find the right Briefcase or the right Briefcase? What must you make and how much should cost a good business case? will help you with a small guide.

The material question: What should I pay attention?

The range of briefcases and-koffern is immensely large. It’s not easy to make the right decision. A simple first indication of good quality is the price. A high-quality business bag is a long-term investment and should be between 300 and 500 euro. At this price, you can assume that the bag or suitcase were produced from high-quality materials and well processed. The country is a further sign of high quality. Italy, Spain and Germany are the top manufacturer for fine leather goods in Europe.

A classic business case should be in any case made of genuine leather . Genuine full-grain leather is the best and highest-quality option here. It is very durable and improves with the time: EES is softer and smoother and gaining structure. Synthetic leather, however, deteriorate faster and breaks easier.

Make sure before you buy exactly on the details. Ensure that all interior and exterior seams are even and carefully stitched. Loose threads are a lack of quality. In addition, the zips never plastic should be. Metal closures are somewhat more difficult, but last longer.

With briefcases, you also should pay attention to the quality of the frame and hinges. Wood frame, especially in cedar wood, are very robust and provide a luxurious base. The hinges should be stable and preferably of stainless steel materials. So they remain long intact. Both with briefcases as briefcases, also it is important that the handle sits well and is comfortable in the hand. The handle is most needed in the daily use and must be stable. Pulls down, the business case or the case when lifting the handle not tight enough and the bag ‘sinks’.

The question of style: suitcase or Briefcase?

In terms of style, two important factors come together when buying a briefcase or a bag: style and functionality. A high-quality business bag should be not only elegant, but also functional and have the correct size. To find the right size, we recommend to lay everything on the table, what you wear in everyday use with it. This gives a first idea, how big should be the model.

Another selection criteria is your job. Depending on the profession, have to carry multiple documents or must be smarter and more elegant than in other areas. The degree of formality in your work environment determines the color and the style. Classic Attachéekoffer are very formal, while modern shoulder bags and tight pockets are rather casual.

The old rule that the leather color should match the bag, the shoes and the belt does not apply when a business bag. At high-quality and expensive briefcases, you should have just a reliable all-rounder, rather than a wide color range. Black Briefcase and briefcases are still the most popular. However, is also a very dark brown as an alternative and fits especially to dark blue and gray suits.

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