Brief History of The Game of Golf

Not so long ago there was in the Netherlands, an opportunity to play golf: you became a member of a golf course and learned the game of golf on the job working professional. Not assigned any.Golf was an elitist sport and golf courses were scarce. But in the period to wash new money turned off. The group that grew ever wanted to hit a ball. Waiting lists at golf clubs were heavier and longer roasting. And to let more people play golf courses were literally thrown up, the game can also be learned outside of a club membership and creation of virtual golf clubs, clubs without jobs. Today, in our country the sport of golf accessible to many and there is a wide choice to play golf.


At the end of the last century in the Netherlands was growing group of golfers without a club membership. They were called the white golfer????. Most of them had a golf certificate obtained during holidays abroad. Especially Spain was this popular. The level of education in these quick courses often do not meet the requirements set for the course diploma in the Netherlands, but it was too little land owners in this so-called Spanish GFP to refuse access to golf courses. The courses shifted quickly to the Netherlands, where no Spanish, but the Dutch CFP could be met. The content of these courses were also hesitant and white golfer was watched beaten by the club golfers tied with suspicion: they would treat the bad job for no cheese rules of etiquette and ignore. But the influx of white golfer was unstoppable again.


It was not just criticism. White golfers also took money to golf courses. And smart coffee viewers thought that these golfers probably’d ever settle down as the club’s golfers. Because these so-called free golfers still needed organization was clear from the beginning of their virtual golf clubs, clubs without jobs. Which resulted in the registration of its members and organized competitions. Because of the possibilities of the Internet, the popularity of these clubs grew within a few years to great heights. And by joining the Dutch Golf Federation got this job clubs without official status as D-clubs and their members an official handicap registration.


Nowadays gates golf courses that are open to all golfers, for golfers often only course conditions. In broad terms, there are now three types of golfers:

  • members of golf clubs with a personal???? jobs, known as the home club
  • members of the D-clubs
  • Free golfers

Golf at a home club

Sign up
if there is no queue and / or the voting committee, you can become a member of a golf club with its own orbit. It is often associated with a membership participation. With this you will be, so to speak, co-owner of the club and the course. In addition to membership on the basis of the year ?? or annual membership fee, you can often shut down temporarily or trial link. Per differences job options and prices.
Member of two or more jobs
If you are a member of a golf course, you can also join at a reduced rate in other jobs. You there, take out a membership. Convenient and economical when you have such a second protective somewhere in the Netherlands and want to play golf there. You can also combine your membership with membership of an E-club.
The benefits of membership in a domestic club
Since you often in the same song is playing, learn to know the people there and also work from the inside out. You participate in contests, sweepstakes, visit the member meetings, maybe ever made ​​to a committee. In short, you become a member of a community. Conversely, does the job for recording your handicap and keeps you informed of all important information. And golf clubs often maintain friendships with other jobs, so you can play it at a preferential rate.

Golf on a club-D

Sign up
This is simple via the Internet. Choose your favorite team and fill in your information. Choosing the most time. At your choice, you can consider for example the location of participating golf courses, possibility of golf lessons, competitions and tournaments, discount opportunities. A membership in a club D costs on an annual basis about?? 70-125. Part of this amount goes to the NGF for handicap registration.
Member of more clubs
This can. Also a member of the home club, you can supplement it with a D-club. Please note that your costs for the common fisheries policy and disability registration only pay 1x!
Benefits of Membership in a club-D
Membership is economically advantageous if you do not often play. And it’s tempting when you love to travel and love to meet other people. E-clubs have agreements with various jobs, for playing rights and reasonable prices.They also organize competitions and tournaments. When a D-club you play at many different jobs with ever other golfers.

Free Golfer

You register
free golfer, you must be in possession of a passport. This can be a baanpermissie- or handicappas. Both are provided by the Dutch Golf Federation. They do not do this directly, but through – clubs or websites. On the internet you can find sites that offer this registration; D-club registry disabled by default, but also in most homes clubs you can go for this. Maybe you have just made ​​your start as a golfer on a home club and want to be free golfers, but regularly return to your old???? Job? Then ask if you can stay on as a free registered golfers. Since this club, it might be of interest to you are a regular visitor or she certainly has some offers for you on the shelf.
The benefits of free golfers
You are unbound. Your registration and tracking your handicap is via the Internet. Your costs are minimal; In principle, the referral to NGF and certain service charges. With a variety of around ?? 50, – a year goes a long way. It is advisable handicap 54 link to download, many jobs that are not available to golfers only course conditions.