Bridal Jewelry For Every Taste

The bridal jewelry Classic

The pearl is a symbol of purity, beauty and preciousness. Therefore, not only many wedding dresses are embroidered with beautiful shimmering pearls, as Studs, necklace and bracelet they are popular. For a long time were beads associated with tears and therefore not worn as bridal jewelry. But in the Hindu culture they are a symbol of love. After a legend, the god Krishna was the first pearl ever and she gave his daughter on her wedding day. Why pearl jewelry is a wonderful gift idea if the bride-parents would like her daughter to give something for the wedding. Pearl also emphasize the beauty of a woman and fit with their delicate shade of pale white to golden cream to the different colors of wedding dresses. Thanks to its luster, which is called in the jargon chandeliers, they are ideal companions for iridescent materials. With its simple form, they are a decent eye-catcher for dresses in lace or with elaborate embroidery.Besides discreet pearl stud earrings in different sizes, which are either flattened or round available, there are also earrings in combination with precious metals and stones.

Those who prefer sparkling bridal jewelry that is very good advice with real diamonds of Bella Luce and Giloy or zirconia of Diamonfire or APM Monaco. From Diamonfire there is a special bridal collection, which also offers tiaras.

Feminine Attire for Festive Wedding

Especially with wedding dresses with straight or sweetheart neckline a delicate necklace looks very nice. Currently Colliers are very popular with pearls or semiprecious stones. worked as filigree hoop they nestle perfectly around the neck. Depending on your taste and match the rest of the jewelry are 925 sterling silver or gold plating achtzehnkarätige for election at Bernd Wolf. In addition to yellow gold and the designer rose gold is now used for this.

Among the various necklaces and ear studs, rings and bracelets are offered.

The colored semi-precious stones are to bring a little color into play. In this way, the bridal jewelry on the colors of the bride’s bouquet or a themed wedding can (Our dream in purple, wedding in the open, etc.) are coordinated. In addition, they offer themselves as jewelry for the bride mother or-jungfern. To take up the color of their clothes, they can wear green, blue or nudefarbene designs.

The stone bracelets of story can also be combined either as bracelets as a necklace ideal for wedding dress.

Timeless and modern, the bridal jewelry designer Eva Strepp. Your unusual creations are available in silver or with a high-quality gold plating. These look fantastic on straight or extravagant wedding dresses. Very nice accents Y Colliers to halter and to V- and heart-shaped cutouts.

The goldsmith Interior Charisma finished according to your wishes also necklaces, bracelets and earrings made ​​of beads. So you can make a very individual bridal jewelry, which is a wonderful reminder of your big day.

Romantic And Playful

In addition to classic bridal jewelry you can also opt for jewelery from THOMAS SABO, Pandora, Angel Rufer, Heart to get and Leaf. The symbolic pendant make your look romantic and individual. In addition, they communicate messages, which emphasize the importance of your big day very well.

The delicate bracelets from LaViida in silver, pink and gold are also magical bridal jewelry. The infinity bracelet and the infinity necklace from the new Charm Club collection combine the wedding with a delicate pendant. The highlight: Other occasions like wedding, birth of a child, etc. can always give a pendant to your partner.

Regardless of what dress and what bridal jewelry you will wear on your wedding, you will surely be a radiantly beautiful bride.