Breakdown: Apple Here Shows The New Macbook?

The way of working the rumor mill with Apple products is known: is a new iphone or ipad first arrived in the major markets, it takes normally just a few weeks, until the first alleged details of the successor model emerge. In addition, there are mostly still shaky images from the manufacturing facilities in China, which allegedly show the first parts of the upcoming devices and further fueling the speculation. But this time Apple ensured may itself, that there is to see a still unpublished product and the new macbook.

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Visit to Apple

Basis for the speculation serves as a new edition of the show visits the company from Cupertino 60 minutes of the American channel CBS, in the Charlie Rose and talks with numerous members of the Executive floor. There were not only Apple CEO Tim Cook company, on the topic of encryption, privacy and security and to the States in the Asian contract factories, Apple’s question and answer. Even Apple’s retail Chief Angela Ahrendts and the long-standing Chief Designer Jonathan Ive, the company came to Word.

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New macbook in the background?

The video is interesting after three minutes and ten seconds, when Apple’s Chief lawyer Bruce Sewell: In the background is a very thin macbook with dark-grey keyboard and extremely to narrow edges of the display, which has similarities with the featured this year 12-inch macbook at first glance. Because the device setting appears much larger, the French website Consomac assumes that it is anticipated for 2016 macbook Pro with a 15-inch screen.

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Apple is expressed

But there is good news from Apple: the Group farthest to the speculation and shared over techinsider with that there is the ominous notebook to the already presented this year 12-inch macbook. This is also the visible in the video of the notebook keyboard that goes across the entire width of the appliance. Should it therefore be a bigger version, also the keyboard would be grown. This is however rather unlikely. It is unusual, however, that Apple is the new speculation. Because so far was expresses the company regarding products not featured yet taciturn.

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