Boho Look: Red Summer Dress With Macrame Lace

The red summer dress with macrame lace shows us that a great Ibiza look does not always have to be white.To a light skin and dark hair, as our Neele has it (blogs, by the way, as a Royalcoeur at Blogwalk), looks a powerful Rotton very noble.So Neel is a real summer snow white, so to speak.

Our beach photos have all been created in Cala Bassa. The bay is sheltered and the sea is falling slowly.Therefore, the water is beautiful turquoise and invites to bathing.By the way, the beach was not as empty as it seems in the pictures.Although the water is still cool in the pre-season, many Spaniards come here in April to enjoy the sun.If you like, you can relax at the local beach bar with a cocktail.The bar is located in a small grove which gives a great view of the bay.

I have thought that I would also put my top ten for Ibiza in a separate post. Then you can directly see what we have done and what beaches, restaurants etc. we recommend. Would you care? Then write it down in the commentary.

More of Neeles Boho Look you can see in our video:

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The shooting pictures were created as part of our Bloggerreise anch Ibiza. Do you want to know more about our blogger event in Ibiza? Then look in our post #ef_ibiza: Blogger Event in Ibiza. There you will find the pictures of our most beautiful Ibiza moments. Under the hashtag #ef_ibiza you can also find more great pictures of the event on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.