Blue Camping Breaks New Ground

In This Report I Speak About The Products That Most Caught My Attention On Rv Expo 2016, In This Post I Will Talk About The Company Catarinense Known As Blue Camping, Showing Its Lines Of Automotive Tents For You That Has The Dream Of Embarking On A Vehicle And Travelling To The Four Corners Of The World.

About the company:

The Blue Camping is an importing company of automotive tents, awnings for Off Road vehicles and, in the city of Blumenau/SC. Its products meet the needs of adventurers who love camping, have comfort and convenience on your rides. Bringing camping gear and tents of automotive transport, Assembly quick and easy high durability according to NEWVILLEOUTDOOR.


The company was present in Rv Expo 2016, where we were there checking out the products that can make more comfortable your stay during a good road trip.

Products and accessories:

Automotive Blue tents Camping can be installed in any vehicle, since this, have a roof rack. The company offers different sizes stalls and may be classified into three models: Adventure, Expedition and Family. You can also attach some useful accessories like: awnings, tents and tent/attachment/bathroom, all of this on the sides ofyour vehicle, further increasing the space, comfort and convenience of the users.

templates-automotive-blue-camping tents

One of the models shown in Expo 2016, Motor Home that caught our attention was the model Family, this was complete, with annex and awning. So we can see how much space provides us with the full kit installation. Items can be purchased separately, but I believe it is advantageous to get the kit.

The tents are coupled to the roof rack of the vehicles, built with materials of the aluminum type and totally waterproof. The weight can range from 53 kg to 75 kg, depending on the desired model.

Technical specifications model Family:

Body tent Fabric: high quality Rip-Stop polyester Canvas 320 g, giving extreme strength and durability;

Ceiling of 2,500 mm 420 d Oxford PU polyester (largest in the segment), providing total waterproofing;

Tent protection cover 24 oz. PVC with UV resistance protects your time and humidity tent while stored and transported;

-Reinforced aluminum Base, guaranteed greater lightness;

Anti-mosquito screen on the door and Windows;

This model is extremely airy because it has large openings;

Anti-condensation Opening very effective;

4 door internal objects.

Pillows and blankets can be stored inside the tent, when this is closed. There is noneed to be transported inside the vehicle, facilitating transportation and making room for other objects.

All the bars, connections and bolts of tent have an impeccable finish and anti-oxidant treatment, giving greater durability against corrosion, resisting much better time.

The internal space vary according to the model. The model below Family Tent, sleeps 3 adults and more quietly. Has 4 scholarships in your interior gig port next to the bedroom and 2 on the way up the stairs. It has also LED in and beneath the tent.

Blue Camping-Tents Family

Inner vision-Blue Tent Camping model Family

The attachment can be used for fitting the kitchen, for example, because it allows you to stand up without problems, or use as another dorm. This features includingan opening that enables access to the door of the vehicle to which it is attached.

Blue Camping annex-Family Tent

Inner vision annex-Family Tent

Case was not clear in the pictures above the actual internal space Blue tent Camping Family, watch the following video:

There is also the option of side awning. A sort of area that can be installed on the side or at the rear of the vehicle. Which provides space for shadow and extra protection in rainy days.

Blue Camping-complete kit family

Roof tents are usually very used by campers on long trips of several days, would enable greater comfort and convenience, with this complete kit model Family you can realize your dream of travelling the four corners of the world of practical way and without headaches.

We talked with the owners of the company, these are very receptive, they gave usa lesson on the use of this type of tent.