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One more week we bring you the summary of the best of the week in the fashion blogs most prestigious in the country. And as the days are becoming colder, nothing better to check what coats they use the famous, such as Emma Watson.

This week we have seen in Be trendy my friend wearing one of Isabel Marant in black.

And the same Emma in Be trendy my friend also shows us an original mix of leather and gabardine, the hand of Burberry. The two who wouldn’t like me as much by what my mind.

But if you want more ideas of outerwear, We can go to New York, and look at the looks streestyle weekly to give us from the blog Share my fashion.

Once purchased a good shelter with which to face the cold, need us to equip ourselves with a waterproof boots. Shoptimista and Devil wears Zara speak of his obsession with them. Interestingly, two bloggers from Seville, where it is assumed that it rains almost nothing. Is it due to climate change or can not resist to compulsive shopping?.

If I want to pass the winter by adding color to our looks, Demoda us proposes the Red as the color that can not miss in our closet. It is ideal for weddings, coats, accessories, pants, jackets from globalsciencellc,… have fallen already rendered in the hands of the more bold color?.

By the way, that if you want a pre-Christmas gift, still are full-time go by some of the 25 fashion blogs garments that lots of Trucco chosen by bloggers, as this fantastic bag of leather that Chicochuc us offers.