Best Sport to Lose Weight

Half of the Dutch want to lose weight. Losing weight is a long and difficult road, with motivation and fighting spirit is very important. Only with healthy diet you often fail to reach your goals. Losing weight is a combination of more exercise and eat more consciously. Who really wants to lose weight will then really can’t escape sport in many cases. The way to the gym seem to be the shortest, but what sports do well to work out if you want to lose weight? We would like to see are often different. Yet, lose weight and exercise are inextricably linked. Often the question arises, what is the best sport to lose weight?

If you want a workout, it is important that you choose a sport that suits you and that you like. Even if you exercise because you want to lose weight is the main priority. Exercise is sometimes difficult to maintain, and requires a lot of motivation and discipline. This only works if you practice a sport you will find really nice. So the question once a trial lesson at a gym or sports club before you actually go to register.
When asked what sport you’re best to go to practice, if you want to lose weight comes down to the fact that any sport that requires physical exertion is good to practice. If you want to lose weight, you need to consume more calories than you take del. Additionally, would you fat loss course. Therefore, it is important that you must move active at least three quarters in a row. Only after a 25-minute workout will break your body begins its reserves and therefore will burn fat. Endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, running, spinning, ice skating and various forms of cadiofitness this is very appropriate. While practicing these sports is the constant expansion and movement of your body Doth.You have while practicing this sport with little or no temaken break as a ball that rolls off the pitch. It is also wise to turn off some of these sports. When the body becomes accustomed to certain movements because it will dawn reserves. You should therefore make your body sometimes do a totally different scare. During a workout, it is wise to periodically switch the pace once the most effective impact.
A disadvantage of endurance sports such as running and swimming laps in the pool is that there is a lot of individual sports. The persistence of the practice of these sports require much more of your stamina. Team track such as netball and handball are perhaps easier to keep full. The moment you sign up for such a sports club is not just about commitments to yourself, but also against anyone who is on your team. In addition, a team sport, in many cases, much cozier. Therefore, before you start looking good in any sport suits you and not feel obligated to choose a uthållighetssport, when your heart is in volleyball. Enjoying your sport is the first step on the way to lose weight.

With any sport you burn the most calories per hour?

How many calories you burn per hour sport depends of course on what sport you train. It is not the only one. Calories burned depends on your body weight and the intensity of exercise.
The following list provides for certain sports shows how many calories you burn per hour. We go from a 70 kg person.

  • Running–300-450 kcal p. hour
  • Swimming-600 Kcal p. hour
  • Cycling-300-400 calories p hour
  • Boxing-up to 700 Kcal s. hour
  • Spinning-p to 700 kcal. hour
  • Squash 600 kcal s. hour
  • Tennis-up to 500 kcal s. hour
  • Step up to 300 kcal p. hour
  • Rowing to 550 kcal s. hour
  • Dance-to 400 kcal s. hour
  • Zumba-up to 800 kcal p. hour

Sport and healthy eating

Of course sport alone is not enough to achieve desired body weight and maintain. If you want to lose weight, you will also learn and must maintain a healthy diet. This does not mean you never Sin again if you your entire life, each day a visit to the gym. You should start looking for a good balance between the exercise and the amount of food you eat each day. As long as you work to aftevallen it is wise to practice every day for an hour. This will help you, you burn excess body fat and give you your little opportunity to develop a yo-yo effect. For more tips on a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and a healthy diet, you can also read this article. This will take you includes tips to get more lichaamsbewegint, without going active sports.