Best Selling Fishing Products


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for recommended products in our Pescacosmar online fishing shop.

Today I bring you the 8 best selling hooks of the season.

1. Animals Sasame Chinu Double Barb F-838

The  Sasame Chinu Double Barb F-838  hook is made by the prestigious Japanese brand Sasame. The model Chinu Double Barb comes with double death to secure the catches.

The characteristics of the  Sasame Chinu Double Barb F-838 hook  are:

Slightly twisted

  • Wrought
  • Fine
  • Black
  • Nickel plated
  • Double death
  • Extremely forged tip

2. Gamakatsu Ls 3310f

The Gamakatsu LS 3310F is a guarantee hook for powerful, robust jaw fish.

Very used for the fishing of blunt species such as dorada, payments, pageles or sargoss ideal for all types of fishing whether shore fishing or boat fishing.

With the LS 3310F we speak of  a carbon hook, hard point forged black nickel-colored. It comes in a blister of 25 units at a fair price that will ensure that your fishing outings are a success in the face of any fish from the beach.

It has a much longer lasting sharpening than other hooks and is resistant to rust.The Gamakatsu LS 3310F is synonymous with quality.

3. Yamashita Pro Sabiki Hook Wfn 600

The renowned Jurelera Yamashita Pro Sabiki Hook WFN 600  is ideal for fishing for fish such as horse mackerel or mackerel among many others.  It consists of 6 gold hooks with measures of mother line that oscillate between 0.47 mm and 0.37 mm. According to the model the gametes range from 0.29 mm to 0.41 mm.

The excellent finishes of this rig and a quality mount guarantee a multitude of catches. It is used in the modalities of jigging, trolling, spinning or as in vertical fishing with lead rigging.

4. Asari Soi W/Ring Anzuelos

The Asari SOI W / Ring Hooks are ideal for trolling with live bait and large bottom.They have great resistance, being made in stainless steel. Special extra-resistant finish, with ring and twist.

The characteristics of the Asari SOI W / Ring bait are:

  • Distorted
  • Wrought
  • Black
  • Nickel plated
  • With ring

5. Sabiki Kawasemi

The jurelera Sabiki Kawasemi made entirely fluorocarbon

It has 6 gold hooks T1 Carbon 100 with the head of the fluorescent lure that are very resistant.

The feathers of the same come mounted handcrafted. This combination together with the materials used in its manufacture make this bass an infallible weapon for jacks and mackerels.

This type of fishing with submachine guns is very fun, we will also be used to fish for jacks and mackerels that we can use for the live fishing of dentelons, roosters, groupers, etc.

6. Asari Chinu Laser Carbon

The Asari Chinu Laser Carbon  hook is extremely chemically sharp. Highly resistant.

The Asari Chinu Laser Carbon hooks are traded in pack of 25 units per blister, with sizes of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0.

The characteristics of the Asari Chinu Laser Carbon hook  are:

  • Distorted
  • Wrought
  • Black
  • Nickel plated
  • Pico parrot with paddle and short shovel.

7. Gamakatsu Ls 1090n

Gamakatsu LS 1090N hooks are a multi-purpose hook type especially ideal for boat fishing and surfcasting.

It emphasizes its fantastic balance between the resistance of the hook and its perfectly balanced weight, which makes it a quality product with which we can achieve fantastic results.

8. Yuki Hook Bx 45

The Yuki Hook BX-45 is a hook-and-loop hook with a curved tip. This is a special model for the capture of large predators. Color black nickel