Best European Soccer Clubs of All Time

Manchester United is one of the best football club in the world.Globally, they have over 37 million fans. Manchester United is among the top football clubs in the world. In 2008, they even become the best football club by first winning the Champions League and then beat the winner of the UEFA Cup. Sir Alex Ferguson is already the coach of the club since 1986. He knew then eleven times to win the Premier League with Manchester United.

Facts About The Club:
Titles And Facts
The club’s history:

Officially, the club was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR name??. To help the club out of financial difficulties, was John Henry Davies invested in 1902 in the club. His condition was that he also had to decide policy. These Davies was actually compare the investors who invest now in English football. He was also the mastermind behind the new name of the club, Manchester United. During the season of 1905?? 1906 managed to promote the team to first class. Already in 1908 they managed to become champion in the Premier League. After the success and worse periods occurred in the 1931 season?? 1932 weather financial problems. The catcher was in distress when James Gibson invested £ 30,000 to buy new players.

Coach Matt Busby

Manchester has previously had a coach that the club was very loyal. Matt Busby’s been 25 years, coach of the club.This is a very long time, where Sir Alex Ferguson a few years from sitting. Busby has had a great influence on the current Manchester United. He is, in fact, began with the still very successful youth team of the club. This academy was called Busby Youth Academy. In seasons 1955?? In 1956 and 1956?? In 1957, he managed twice to win the Premier League with a team that consisted almost entirely of players from his academy.

Plane Crash of 6 Februari 1958

After winning a match against Red Star Belgrade is an aircraft with players from Manchester United crashed. These seven players from the team were killed. This date will be forever linked with the club.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson is currently along the current coach of the Premier League. He is a Scot and his career as a footballer also played exclusively for Scottish clubs, including Glasgow Rangers and Aberdeen. After some small clubs, he became coach in 1978 from Aberdeen. He won the championship three times and knew the traditional top two so stay ahead. Eventually, he made the transition in 1986 to Manchester United.