Besame Cosmetics

It all began with an artist in love with cosmetics and beauty vintage, her name is Gabriela Hernandez. Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, moved to New York to 12 years of age and it was there that he learned to speak English by your coexistence with their schoolmates. Always fascinated by the story of beauty and sophisticated your grandmother, to whom he inspired, Gabriela, after a few years, moved to California to study fine arts at prestigious Art Center, located in the city of Pasadena.

Already formed, with the profession of photographer, designer, Art Director, cosmetic historian and author of Classic Beauty:The History Outsiders (classic beauty: the history of makeup), published by Schiffer, Gabriela creates, in 2004, a line of cosmetics called Besame Cosmetics, which has as its inspiration, both on the packaging and in your color palette, the beauty of the women experienced between 1910 and 1970 decades according to themakeupexplorer.

The products are various. There are many different colors of lipstick shades of rouge, compact powder, eye mask, perfumes and accessories such as brushes for makeup and hair brushes with soft nylon bristles for long or short hair, and each of the items inspired in a year in decades mentioned above.

Besame Cosmetics line is sold in your official website at 20 dollars. Can also be purchased on the website of your partner, Sephora, and for whom French lives in California, in your physical store. For those who live in Brazil, will have to resort to buying imported as the Oz Cosmetics.