Beds with Storage Compartment

When you are tired of your bed and you go looking for a more modern model that makes more youthful and dynamic to your room, when in addition to thinking of revising the aesthetics of their room trying to reclaim space and to find accommodation in many laundry items, the ideal solution is definitely a modern bed with large storage compartment.

Beds with Storage Compartment

A very smart solution because it allows you to merge “with pleasure”.

With a single purchase, that of a new bed, you made ​​sure to change things around his bedroom and simultaneously defines the new space, below the surface, in the storage compartment below its structure, for storing blankets, sheets, duvets.. that normally affollerebbero our closets, creating chaos and disorder according to hbbltd.

The beds with container fall into the category of most successful of modern furnishing. The most coveted models are those in leather and imitation leather, scenic, easy to clean, with box rather capacious.

Large followed also for the models in removable fabric and for the more traditional ones in wood: the important thing is that the access to the compartment container mechanisms are simple, durable over time and facilitate the accommodation of the laundry operations.

Well designed, aesthetically pleasing and very convenient to store various heads, excellent price of the Ottoman model of EuropeDirectShopping .

A bed of high quality, made ​​of imitation leather, characterized by a solid and resistant structure of white color (also available in black), a large storage compartment for easy access, all with one-year warranty.

A model is not very cumbersome with its 200 cm long and 160 wide, ideal in rooms from small to medium size bed.

Very useful to save space and bring order in your linen, perfect for modernizing the environment.

A more elegant design, suitable for most traditional and refined environment, characterizes the Crystal4ft6 Model of New Hollywood.

This is an ottoman bed, fine and classy, with dresser with gas lift, large and roomy, wooden slats, wrapped in Premium Leather white color. A truly spectacular model with its special processing of the headboard and footboard.

Both surfaces are padded and upholstered in leather and adorned with buttons made ​​of transparent stone, striking and seemingly valuable, which give the bed a great charm.

The ideal furniture to decorate a classic bedroom, focusing on quality and style. Also perfect in a modern room, as an element which goes to attract the attention and expertly fill the scene..

Wooden frame and side access drawer for the Double in combination with two bedside FORWARD Trendstore.

Bed and bedside tables made ​​of pine, repainted in white with natural color inserts, form the ideal set to give new life to the bedroom.

The bed offered by NEXT Trendstore addition to being aesthetically pleasing and well finished, has the main feature of a big drawer, positioned in the side area, made ​​of natural wood (to emerge from the white surface), really comfortable and capacious.

The side tables which are also in white, have a unique natural wooden drawer that recalls the shape and color of the bed box and an empty compartment, useful for storing the remote control, books, glasses …, or any objects that you always convenient to keep on hand.

An ideal model to modernize a small charge the bedroom. Excellent quality / price ratio.