Beauty Spa At Home

Once per month, I can give me a little beauty break on the weekend.And because it is connected with plenty of relaxation and pampering care, it works wonders for frayed nerves and irritated skin!

The Bathroom Is So To The Wellness Oasis

With my favorite scented candle I’m going myself directly in the mini holiday mood.

My Tip For Skin Like Velvet And Silk

After getting up we go with a scrub in the Thalasso-style. Up to the neck massage with circular movements of the feet. Effect: the blood circulation and skin beautiful rosy and delicate because bumps and dead skin cells away will be rubbed. Then, the scrub is rinsed.Generously apply dry and the skin. The hands look forward now in the cold season over an extra cream!

Extra Sweet For The Beauty

My secret weapon for dry skin, brittle hair and irritated scalp is Aloe Vera gel. In the face, I carry it in a thin layer. Neck and décolleté, where the skin is very thin and wrinkle prone, get a knife back thick location. Even briefly parting on the hair and the scalp circling massage. Then it says: look down on the sofa and a beautiful romantic movie or read a book.

Bathing Pleasures And Then In Bed

A bath before bedtime makes the relax program completely.

Stir in 2 liters of milk into the 38-degree warm water. Milk sugar and fat are perfect for dry, irritated skin because they bind moisture and soothe. In addition, for the whirlpool effect, I put on a bubbling bath tablet.

After 20 minutes, I cover myself in the preheated bath sheets and spray some more relaxing aroma’s freshly-based pillows. Essential lavender, neroli oil and honey extract soothe and relax-just the right flavor for sweet dreams and real beauty sleep!