Beauty is a Question

I am of the belief that there is no ugly woman, there is a woman who does not know how to use photoshop. Clear #fashionfans, accept it, let us join hands and give thanks through the filter of Instragram, where the women rise with delineated line and flush in her cheeks.

We are living in times where beauty is being defined by hearts in our selfie and where, despite all the tricks they know to make us beautiful, we prefer to believe that celebrities belong to another world of beautiful beings, when the reality is a click to “Mila Kunis without makeup” and ready, eternal happiness.

Of course, that you still have your million dollars and Ashton Kutcher, but we at least have the satisfaction that looks just like your next door neighbor to the side when it comes out to sweep every morning and that is worth more than down the husband to Demi Moore.

Beauty is a matter of what as well you use filters and believe you are really fabulous, thinking that if to the transvestite video it dragged on all gay pride parade only #porbonita, you yourself would leave as Fabiruchis.

Obviously people have eyes, and that sooner or later we will come with someone who see our Facebook photo is not equal to reality, so give us a little help with tutorials on YouTube makeup would not fall us bad; But if drawing you’re like me and you were born to have a personal makeup artist that you makeup while you’re asleep, because that bring the blue shadow, diffused at 7 in the morning is you not, then these tips are for you:

  1. a lipstick in shade strong and eyeliner, when the art of the shading of shadows don’t you give.

2 apply black shadow with your fingers and pray because your friends think they are Smoky eyes on your nights out.

  1. “in the direction of growth of the hair and not hurt” is the “nothing more probes” the hair of the eyebrows.
  2. the nail art is for women with extra time and cashiers of banks.
  3. always there is that irrational fear going out with Dubalin face in the photos, so choose well your Foundation makeup.
  4. never make the mistake of sleeping made-up.
  5. the life is better without soda, not only for your abdomen, but also to maintain your white teeth, after all the smile is the best makeup.

8 and the best… sleeping!, not only help throughout your body, also will remove you this attitude of dog that usually comes out when you’ve not rested eight hours, and believe me to see you beautiful, attitude has, unless you’re Naomi Campbell, but that’s another story.

So you know: filters, makeup and attitude is the key to be beautiful. Don’t forget to stop by my blog the blonde in the village, and follow me on social networks @rubiadelpueblo and my Fan Page.